A waterproof watch will have a specified water resistance rating and using the watch beyond its water resistance will cause damage to the watch’s internal components and mechanisms. In the following article, let’s explore the meaning of 30m waterproof watches so you can use them with appropriate water resistance. 

What is a 30m waterproof watch?
A clever way to put this is: 30m waterproof watches are often identified as “3atm” or “3Bar”. Information about the watch’s water resistance at a depth of 30m is usually displayed on the dial or bottom of the product.

Many people have the notion that when a watch is listed as “30m water resistant” it can withstand water pressure at a depth of 30 meters. On this basis, many people confidently wear watches when swimming, diving or soaking in water. However, doing this will make you regret it immediately. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, 30m waterproof watches are only suitable for daily activities such as washing hands, light rain or short exposure to water.

Please note that, when participating in diving, car washing or any activity with high water pressure, always remember not to wear a 30m waterproof watch. This is because the water pressure during these activities can exceed the water resistance of the watch. Even when bathing, whether hot, cold or sauna, you should not wear a 30m waterproof watch.

If you want to own a more waterproof watch, we recommend that you consider higher water resistance levels such as 50m, 100m, 200m or consider specialized watches for diving with deeper water resistance.

Note when using 30m waterproof watches
To ensure your 30m waterproof watch stays in good condition, proper management and storage is important. Here are some helpful suggestions:

– Avoid wearing the watch in hot environments, such as hot tubs or saunas.

– Always dry your watch with a soft cloth immediately after it gets wet.

– To best preserve your waterproof watch, place it in a dry place when not in use.

– Avoid using the watch beyond the prescribed water resistance limit.

By following these tips, you will ensure the longevity of your 30m waterproof watch.

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