With regular battery-operated watches, when the battery runs out, you simply need to replace the battery. But with Citizen solar-powered watches, how are they used and what are their outstanding advantages? Let’s explore now!

When was the Citizen watch powered by light energy born?

Citizen is one of the watch brands with the longest history in Japan. Always constantly innovating and researching many lines of watches that are both highly aesthetic, have good quality and durability with outstanding technological applications. Not stopping there, in 1980 with the idea of bringing a new change in technology, taking advantage of the endless energy source of sunlight, Citizen engineers successfully developed the Citizen solar battery watch model. amount of sun.

But in 1995, the Citizen Eco-drive watch was officially born, marking a new milestone in the history of the Citizen brand. Citizen watch models powered by light energy were released to the market and immediately received the attention of many customers, and gradually became the choice of many stylish and stylish fashionistas.

How does a Citizen solar battery watch work?

Surely most customers will have the same question: can Citizen Eco-Drive watches run when there is no sunlight? The answer is yes”. Because the watch operates not only on solar energy but can rely on any light source. The watch uses extremely sensitive panels on the dial to absorb light energy and convert it into electricity and a battery charging device.

Normally, the architects at Citizen have researched and created a power reserve time in a light-free environment of 6 to 8 months for most of these Citizen solar battery watches. Therefore, in changing weather conditions or in the winter or rainy season, you can still comfortably use this high-tech watch smoothly.

What is the “STANDARD” way to charge the battery for a Citizen Eco-Drive watch?

To maintain the correct operation of each Citizen Eco-Drive watch, the wearer needs to regularly check the watch’s power reserve level. When you see the second or minute clock running slower than normal, you need to recharge the battery immediately.

Although your Citizen watch is powered by a light source, you should remember not to charge it under too much sunlight because the high temperature can affect other details in the product. Instead, recharge in the morning or late afternoon. If you don’t go out, you can charge it via neon light, but remember to keep it 20cm away from the light bulb.

What is special about Citizen solar battery watches?

The birth of the Citizen Eco-Drive generation of solar-powered watches has created an important breakthrough in the world watch industry. Opening an important step forward that brings watch wearers new exciting and endless experiences.

Thin, light, sophisticated design

The Citizen Eco-Drive solar watch line fascinates many customers today because of its thin, light design and comfortable feeling when worn on the hand. And this brand has a collection of ultra-thin Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto watches, the thickness of the watch reaches 4.4 mm. Furthermore, every detail in the watch is also designed with sophistication, harmonious colors, and impressive high-end fashion, bringing luxury and nobility to the wearer.

Combination of Sapphire glass – Supper Titanium case

Always aiming for flawless and sophisticated beauty, Citizen pioneered the introduction of the expensive metal Supper Titanium into watches. Solar-powered Citizen watches are equipped with advanced Supper Titanium plating and luxurious Sapphire glass. All of these watches are fitted with monolithic Sapphire glass, with high hardness and excellent scratch resistance.

A green revolution in high-tech watches

Citizen is a leading brand in the green revolution, with the application of technology that converts light energy into electricity. Not only does the company improve and develop the existing platform, the Eco-Drive engine, but it also actively invests in modern features. Solar-powered Citizen watches that can be controlled by radio waves or connected to satellites using GPS waves were born, turning the unbelievable into reality. In particular, the storage battery does not contain any mercury, which is an environmentally friendly solution.

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