The Ancient Collision Between Theia and Earth: Billions of years ago, a protoplanet named Theia collided with Earth. This event might have led to the formation of the moon. Remnants of Theia may still exist in Earth’s mantle, evidenced by massive blobs in its structure.

Potential Underground Extraterrestrial Life: The article speculates about alien life existing deep beneath Earth’s surface, possibly in extreme conditions without sunlight and oxygen, relying on radioactive decay for energy.

Silicon-Based Life on Titan: The article discusses the possibility of silicon-based life forms on Titan, Saturn’s moon, existing without oxygen, which would otherwise turn silicon into rock.

Alien-Human Hybrid Theories: Theories about future humans time-traveling to understand their biological past and possibly assisting our ancestors in technological advancements are explored.

Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe and on Mars: The article delves into various theories and speculations about extraterrestrial life, including potential life forms on Mars, and the resilience of microorganisms in extreme conditions, like those found outside the International Space Station (ISS).



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