The strap is an important part and also the reason why users choose a certain watch. A true fan of time machines certainly has their own secrets to choosing the watch model with the most comfortable strap. And you, do you understand the information about watch straps and popular strap types and how to choose the right strap?

What types of watch straps are there?
Besides a unique, beautiful design and a durable and sturdy mechanism, what makes a comfortable experience for watch users is the strap. A watch will certainly have an equally high quality strap.

There are many types of watch straps, but some materials are used more often and are mentioned as one of the typical types of watch straps, such as:

Leather cord
Topping the list of materials most often used to make watch straps is leather straps. Normally, this type of strap can be made from many different materials such as synthetic leather, cow leather, crocodile leather…


The leather strap is soft, highly customizable, and hugs the wrist for a comfortable, neat feeling. At the same time, leather straps also have the ability to keep warmer better than metal straps, fabric straps…


Because leather straps are made from natural materials, they have a short shelf life. A leather strap usually needs to be replaced after 6 months – 2 years of use. Leather straps will lose their durability if your watch is frequently exposed to water, high humidity or harsh weather.

Metal wire
Another material that is popular with many people is metal wire.

The feeling of elegance and luxury is what people often see in watch designs with metal straps.

Metal straps also possess a certain sturdiness when combined and matched together in each small link, forming a complete strap as a whole.


Because it is made of metal, this type of watch strap has high durability, good impact resistance, and also has remarkable corrosion resistance.


Metal straps will increase the weight of the watch, creating a heavy feeling in the hand, and the metal layer can cause allergies to some people with sensitive skin. With metal leather straps that have an outer plating layer, after a period of use the color will fade, reducing the aesthetics.

The most commonly used types of metal wire are stainless steel wire and titanium wire.

Fabric straps
If you want to find a watch with a thin, light, yet sturdy strap, then a sturdy fabric strap should definitely be your preferred choice.

There are many types of fabric straps, the most popular of which are the long, thin and highly durable Nato straps or the Zulu straps that represent a dynamic, youthful style.



Fabric straps are often thick and adjustable, providing a comfortable, snug fit when hugging the wrist. Besides, it’s easy to renew, change your favorite style and color.

Fabric straps do not take up much weight, suitable for people who love exercise and challenges.


Because it is a fabric string, this type of string will absorb water, but it takes a long time to dry, so it is not suitable for environments with high humidity or humidity. Because the strap absorbs sweat, if used for a long time, it will fade and rot, reducing its aesthetics.

Ceramic wire (Ceramic wire)
Another type of wire that is perhaps less well known is ceramic wire. Characterized by its outstanding hardness, it helps protect the watch against corrosion and scratches.

This type of wire often requires high and complex manufacturing technology, leading to high prices, so it is usually only used by a few high-end brands.

In addition to the types of straps that are widely used in high-end watches, there are many other types of straps that are used more in popular watch products such as: plastic straps, silicon straps,…

Note when choosing a watch strap
Each type of strap will show a different style of the watch, you can choose the strap that suits your personality based on that. To do that, don’t forget the following notes:

Choose a watch strap based on your living and working environment:

If you are often exposed to water or high humidity environments, you should choose strings that are not affected by water. Straps such as leather straps will lose quality, fabric straps will absorb water and change color easily, so the optimal choice is metal straps.

Wrist size

If you have an adult body type and a large, wide wrist, the most suitable watch strap is a metal strap, helping your wrist look neat and strong, mature yet elegant.

A small wrist will be suitable for a tight leather strap, an elegant feel and a snug fit is definitely what you need.

Skin color

If you have light skin, you can choose dark strap models to increase contrast, impression and prominence.

Metal watches will be a suitable choice for people with darker skin, showing strength and increasing style.

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