Square face watches are currently very popular on the market. This is the type of watch most favored by gentlemen. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 types of square face men’s leather strap watches that are most favored by gentlemen.

Why are men’s watches with leather straps with square faces and not round faces?
Buying a square or round watch must be a concern for many people before deciding. Because, this depends not only on the preferences and personality but also on the wrist and shape of the wearer.

At the present time, many young people like men’s watches with square leather straps because of their unique design, youthful style and ease of coordination. Besides, the leather strap design helps the wearer feel comfortable without getting red marks on their hands.

With a square face men’s watch, you can freely combine different colors, styles or events. Thanks to this flexibility, square face watches are increasingly popular.

Square face men’s watches are becoming more and more popular
So how to choose a square face leather strap men’s watch to promote your masculinity? The suggestions below will help you easily choose the most suitable watch for yourself.
How to choose the most suitable square face watch
1. Choose a watch with a square face size that fits your wrist and body
If you are a guy with a manly body over 1m70 tall and a big, sturdy wrist, choosing a men’s watch with a large square face is extremely easy. Because if you choose a small face, it will look extremely fragile and disproportionate to your body shape.

On the contrary, if you are not tall or small, you should choose a watch face of average size, avoid being too big, a large strap will make your wrist look smaller.

With a Vietnamese body, you will wear a men’s watch with a face size of 38-39 mm for people with average physique and 40-42mm for tall people.

2. Choose the color of the strap and watch face according to the wearer’s skin color
If you have light skin, you can choose a men’s watch with a light or dark square face strap. However, if you choose a watch with a dark face and dark strap, it will look more prominent.

Choose a bright copper face with a dark leather strap to stand out
If you have masculine tanned skin, you should choose a bright square face watch with a black leather strap. Thus, when worn on your wrist, the light and dark contrast between skin color and watch will make the watch on your hand stand out more.

3. Choose a men’s watch model with square leather strap suitable for the situation and activity
One of the formulas to choose a suitable square face leather strap men’s watch is to choose according to your activity characteristics.
If you are an office worker or teacher, square-faced watches with few elaborate patterns will exude elegance and professionalism but are no less attractive.
You are a businessman: High-end watches will be your top priority to highlight your elegance and class.
Artistic friends: A square-faced watch with unusual details will show your personality like never before.


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