Vacheron Constantin reissues the driving-watch – a driver-assist version created 100 years ago, marked by its tilted dial and nostalgic lines.

Historiques American 1921 is a remake of the original model of the same name released in the 20s of the last century – a period that left many marks in fashion, art, music, cinema…, which is partly reflected in The Great Gatsby (2013), a work familiar to many audiences. The new model embodies the American spirit and nostalgic style of Vacheron Constantin mechanical watches.

As a brand representative, wristwatches were a fashionable accessory in the 1920s. Movements were increasingly miniaturized, allowing manufacturers to freely create new designs. The original is so rare that even the manufacturer only has one in its archives.

The new version maintains many outstanding features such as the tilted dial, the cushion-shaped gold case (cushion) that imitates the aerodynamic design of old cars, the classic numbers, or the leather strap.

Fans can choose from rose gold or white gold material and two colors of leather strap. The white gold version with brown strap has a classic look, suitable for elegant gentlemen. Rose gold tone, red strap for women, easy to coordinate with feminine outfits.

The highlight of the watch is the 45-degree tilted dial, allowing the owner to see the time with just a glance without taking their hands off the steering wheel. The crown is offset between the 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions to balance the overall design.

Watch enthusiasts appreciate the collectability of Historiques American 1921 for its driving-watch element, instead of just bringing car inspiration to a few elements.

The manufacturer equips an in-house hand-wound movement, a power reserve of up to three days, a leather strap handmade by the Italian brand Serapian, and a golden case… Besides the regular version, Vacheron Constantin is releasing a limited edition of 100 Collection Excellence Platine pieces globally, with a sandblasted dial in 950 white gold.

Regular edition driving-watch watches cost less than one billion VND, which is a suggestion for collectors this year.

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