Arthur Leclerc is a young racer born in 2000 and is currently with the Prema racing team participating in Formula racing for the second year in a row. This racer is the younger brother of Charles Leclerc – the famous face of the Ferrari team in Formula 1 racing. Arthur seems to have inherited the advantages of his older brother and is following his successful path. brother Charles.

Recently, Arthur had the opportunity to accompany Ferrari’s extremely attractive GT car – Roma on a journey to conquer the desert roads of the capital Manama, Bahrain. Regarding Arthur, based on the statistics from last season’s 21 races, he won no less than 79 places, improving his starting position by an astonishing 15 times and Arthur only dropped second.

“It’s in my nature to push myself whenever I can,” Arthur said. I wouldn’t stay in one place if I realized I could do better with the car I was given. Sometimes I make mistakes because in qualifying or in a duel you can’t always be perfect. However, I don’t think I could pursue my dreams and goals if I changed my approach to racing.”

Before returning to the intense competition on the track, he spent a day driving a Ferrari Roma through the streets of Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Arthur smiled and shared: “White is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of a car manufactured in Maranello. However, when I saw the Roma in glossy white Bianco Avus combined with a Rosso Ferrari interior, I completely changed my mind.” Driving the Roma, the young racer shared that this was a completely new experience, making the young racer realize how versatile a Ferrari car can be.

Ferrari mentioned evoking “Nuova Dolce Vita” when describing the image of Roma, which Arthur felt was very fitting. The young racer shared: “This is a car that you can definitely drive every day, even in Monaco where I live, despite the narrow streets and alleys. The Roma’s soundproofing is excellent. To test, I turned the radio on and I could hear the music perfectly. But to be honest, I turned the radio off immediately because for me, the best music is the sound made by a Ferrari V8 engine.”

The young racer used “Sport” mode before switching to the powerful top “Race” mode. In this mode, the racer experienced unforgettable feelings of speed on the powerful but equally seductive V8 engine of a super product from Italy. He shared: “I selected the “Esc-Off” mode and this function will deactivate electronic assistance and this experience actually made me feel really enjoyable when driving the car. Even then, the car will follow the driver’s input with precise steering, making me feel really safe at all times.”

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