The world’s only Lamborghini Miura Roadster is currently on display at the brand’s MUDETEC technology museum until December. The unique convertible supercar is not just a Miura without a roof but instead These are sporty design features unlike any other in the history of this car model.

In the past, the brand only stopped at creating a Concept car and did not go to commercial production, which is what makes this car truly a unique and extreme masterpiece. value period. The changes made by Carrozzeria Bertone make the car even more unique. The car also has a steeper windshield and large air intakes on each side of the body. According to Lamborghini, these changes allowed Bertone stylists to maintain the purity of the Italian supercar’s sensual design.

The rear V12 engine block of the car is exposed, without any cover or glass. The taillights are also a unique feature of this car. Furthermore, this model is also finished in Lamè Sky Blu effect, a paint color that sparkles in the light. Inside the interior, the most changes are that the car’s control buttons have been rearranged.

First launched in 1968 at the Brussels Motor Show, the car was first sold to the International Lead and Zinc Research Association. The organization heavily modified the model by replacing some parts with lighter zinc, painting the car green and adding a green interior. The car was then used as a technical demonstration vehicle.

In 2007 and 2008, a new owner reported that the car was completely restored to its original factory condition. It was this model that became the inspiration for the last Aventador Ultimae to ever roll off the production line. This car is a direct homage to this Miura Roadster and features a similar livery along with the Miura logo to complete the look. However, unlike the 1968 Miura Roadster concept, the Aventador Ultimae Roadster comes with two removable carbon fiber roof panels.

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