As the rightful successor to Cartier’s iconic Tank, the Tank Française makes a resounding return with a new line of seven improved variations. Over the years, the timeless style of this Cartier bestseller has garnered praise from the biggest stars. It simply has a certain je ne sais quoi. So what’s new about this French brand’s symbol?

The Tank Française was introduced by Cartier in 1996 and immediately stood out with the bold design of its metal bracelet. It acts as an extension of the case’s straight, angular lines to form a coherent and functional whole. The watch was an instant success and today’s model is a testament to its timeless appeal.

Legendary design
After the success of the Cartier Santos, launched in 1904, Louis Cartier began to make a name for himself in creating “shaped watches.” In 1917, the innovative, pioneering artist made a radical departure from the usual circular patterns and designed a rectangular case, resembling an army tank seen from above. The image of the tank inspired the design of various parts of the watch: the cards look like caterpillar tracks while the case is reminiscent of the body of an armored vehicle. The tank was born. It has caused a stir in the watch world and is constantly updated, keeping up with times and trends. Cintrée, Chinoise, à Guichets, Asymétrique, Must, Américaine, Anglaise, then became Française in the 1990s, reaffirming its French identity. Française is now back in the spotlight, more anticipated than ever.

Cartier Tank, a successful upgraded version

Tank Française remains faithful to the original and retains the famous identity of Cartier watches. It’s all there: the railway’s minute tracks, the blued steel sword-shaped hands, the Roman numerals and even the house’s secret signature, hidden in the V of the number VII. And don’t forget the delicate blue sapphire or diamond cabochon (depending on the model) that adorns the winding crown.

The 2023 version undergoes a few subtle changes, that will not escape the keen eyes of astute collectors. The dial now has a sun-brushed finish and is housed in a satin-finished case, with slightly curved brancards for a more comfortable fit. This is enhanced by the links of the bracelet, now closer together to form a flexible chain that perfectly hugs the wrist. The inlaid crown was integrated into the caseband, creating a seamless and harmonious effect.

A watch, most likely

Beyond a simple time-measuring instrument, this geometric wonder is also a work of art in its own right. The Cartier manufacture’s artisans had a field day with this model and its seven variations. Four models – two small and two medium – are crafted in yellow gold, two of which are jewelry versions.

The remaining three are stainless steel and come in small, medium and large versions. These truly gender-neutral classics are powered by finely crafted, high-performance Swiss quartz movements. The large steel model housing the highly precise self-winding movement is produced.

All-star cast

The star among the stars, Tank Française should be represented by an image that is both simple and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, unique and legendary. The watch stars in a short film directed by Guy Ritchie for Cartier, starring Rami Malek and the house’s loyal ambassador Catherine Deneuve. The film is a celebration of timeless luxury and takes place in Paris, the quintessential city of French luxury style.

A new stage
The transformed Tank Française enjoys a beautiful new stage for its performance. It is available at Cartier’s flagship boutique, located at 13 rue de la Paix in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. This prestigious establishment houses the maison’s most exquisite creations.



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