When it comes to pilot or tactical watches, people often think of IWC’s iconic Big Pilot or their impressive line of G-Shock aviation and survival-inspired watches. Casio. But in the world of watches designed for adventurers, IWC and Casio aren’t the only players catering to pilots, underwater explorers and divers alike.

What is a tactical watch?

Tactical watches are typically constructed from sturdy materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or reinforced plastic. They are built to withstand harsh conditions, including shock, water, and extreme temperatures.

Tactical watch

While many of us may not require the full range of features they offer, there is an undeniable appeal surrounding military-inspired watches, commonly known as watches. tactical lake. And yet, it’s surprising how many exceptional watches in this category remain hidden, quietly waiting to be discovered.

That’s exactly why we set out to feature these unsung heroes – watches that may not always attract attention but possess rock-solid reliability, even in times of trouble. face the harshest conditions.

Discover overlooked tactical watches

Hanhart 417 ES

Hanhart 417 ES

Six decades ago, the Hanhart 417 ES etched its name in the history books as the first chronograph pilot’s watch for pilots serving with the German armed forces. Today, it perfectly combines durable design with modern manufacturing techniques. The result is a rugged chronograph with a rich heritage, ready to become your faithful companion in both everyday life and on exciting adventures.

Returning to the essence of their most famous chronograph, Hanhart has presented the new 417 ES 1954, which retains the original case size of 39 mm.

The design of Hanhart’s historic 417, a pioneering pilot’s chronograph for the newly established German armed forces, was driven by three core principles: durability, reliability and reliability. readability. Hanhart proudly supplied this model to the Bundeswehr for nearly a decade until the brand shifted its focus to making handheld chronographs in 1963.

Today, surviving examples of the iconic 417 have evolved into classic chronographs sought after by discerning collectors.

Luminox Navy SEALs

Luminox Navy SEALs

In 1994, Luminox introduced the Original Navy SEAL watch, a timepiece that would leave a lasting mark on the brand’s legacy.

The story of this iconic watch was written as a collaborative effort between Luminox and Nick North, Director of Acquisitions for the United States Navy SEALs. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a purpose-built watch for the SEALs.

Their efforts culminated with the introduction of the Original 3000, a watch renowned for its unprecedented lightweight design and rugged durability – a combination that quickly elevated it to the status of a choice. favourite. of the Navy SEALs.

To this day, Luminox remains extremely proud to have been chosen to design and supply watches for one of the world’s most elite and respected special forces units, the Navy SEALs.



For watch connoisseurs with refined tastes and a love of pilot watches, the Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF is unrivaled. This remarkable watch perfectly combines cutting-edge technology – exemplified by the exceptional chronograph movement SZ01 – with an exceptionally legible dial and hands, all housed in a lightweight and durable titanium case. .

However, what really sets the EZM 10 apart is its independent certification, complying with the TESTAF (Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren) standard, a rigorous German standard for professional pilot watches.

The 42 mm Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF exemplifies the ultimate achievement in mechanical pilots’ watches. It boasts a 24-hour sub-dial, a central 60-minute chronograph, and an argon-injected case to protect against moisture inside. It is the top choice for pilots who demand nothing but the best.

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