As the sun begins to rise over the mountain peaks and the first rays of daylight illuminate the diligent workers below, we are transported into a different world—a world of resilient gold miners. Let’s meet the family known as the “Hoffman Family Gold” in the realm of gold mining. To help reach their season total of 600 ounces, the Hoffmans have established a new test plant, enabling them to achieve 50 ounces in a week for the first time. However, nothing comes easy as they face frigid days and relentless challenges, all in pursuit of seizing opportunities and achieving their formidable financial goals. Will they be able to attain their target? Follow the full video below to find out:

  1. Hoffman Family Gold YouTube video features a test plant being prepared for production at one of the Hoffman’s main sites.
  2. The video highlights the challenges of working in cold weather, with a mention of a broken collet that was found using a metal detector.
  3. The team faces pressure to meet a weekly gold target of 48 ounces, but they have yet to achieve their weekly average.
  4. Despite the challenges, the team completes three cleanups in one day, with the final cleanup yielding over 50 ounces of gold for the first time.
  5. The success puts the Hoffman team 141 ounces away from a million-dollar goal, with three weeks remaining to achieve it, relying on the test plant to keep their operation going.


In the end, with their resounding success, the Hoffman team not only surpassed their weekly gold target but also demonstrated the power of perseverance and determination. The small test plant, despite its fragility, has become an indispensable part of their battle against time and nature. The story of Hoffman Family Gold is not just about gold mining; it’s also about facing challenges, overcoming hardships, and keeping pace with ambitious dreams. NEXT

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