Following Footsteps Back to Australia! Uncovering Hidden Wealth Beneath the Ground. Abundant Gold Yet to Find Owners or Miners! Parker, an expert in gold exploration and mining, traces his extraordinary journey with a successful $6 million gold extraction

Parker and his team have a successful week of gold mining, producing over half a million dollars worth of gold. Despite some challenges with the tailings and a shortage of personnel, they manage to reach their goal and are on track to achieve 6,000 ounces of gold for the season. Tony also operates three different wash plants to help increase their gold production.

Watch the story unfold in the full video:

Parker and his team produce over 487 ounces of gold in a single week, equivalent to more than half a million dollars.

Tony operates three wash plants, including the recently restored Pearson box, to help increase gold production.

Parker has already mined almost 4.5 million dollars worth of gold.


The team faces challenges with tailings from the Big Red and a shortage of personnel, but they manage to overcome them.

The Monica wash plant falls short of its target, producing 31.26 ounces of gold instead of the required 293 ounces.

Despite falling slightly behind their target, the team has a total of 2,814 ounces of gold so far, nearing the halfway point of their goal of 6,000 ounces.

Parker’s team is determined to continue working hard and extracting as much gold as possible from the ground.

The use of multiple wash plants and equipment helps increase gold production.

The team’s success is attributed to their dedication and hard work.

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