In a throwback to the Le Mans-winning Ferraris of the 1960s, a variant of the 499P Modificata hypercar is ready for non-racing customers.

Earlier this year, the Ferrari 499P debuted and won the 100th 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Since 1965, this was Ferrari’s first return to the podium.

In 1965, customers could buy great Ferraris like the 250 GTO directly from Scuderia. While almost everything else about the automotive world has changed since then, Ferrari seems to see some value in that tradition. That means the company will sell the 499P Modificata version, a variant of the 499P Le Mans supercar, to customers.

This is not a car for privateer racing teams who want to compete with a Ferrari – this is a car for those who want to buy their own 499P as the ultimate race car on the track.

Unlike the Toyota GR Super Sport which may have been canceled or the Aston Martin Valkyrie which is moving to the Hypercar class by 2025. The Ferrari 499P Modificata is not a production car but a pure racing car, not bound by regulations of a system of racing rules.

That makes the 499P Modificata the 919 Evo-like version of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Although this car is not as extreme as the 919 Evo, it has over 1000 horsepower and an active powertrain.

Escaping the regulations allows Ferrari to increase the car’s power output and take advantage of more direct hybrid assistance.

Ferrari 499P Modificata owns an engine with a capacity of 697 horsepower, a 4-wheel drive system that can be activated at speeds below 190 km/h (118 mp/h) as prescribed by the FIA and Pirelli tires designed special.

The power of the hybrid engine system is also deployed differently, ready to push up to maximum power at the push of a button up to 858 horsepower.

This power far exceeds performance standards in extreme street cars, which puts the 499P Modificata in a league with the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and the Bugatti Bolide. While neither of these cars is far from the Hypercar Le Mans, the Ferrari is truly the car of its kind.

At the same time, the complex hybrid system makes the 499P a rather difficult car to drive for non-racing owners. So Ferrari introduced the Sport Prototipi Clienti program that provides direct support.

In a system similar to the F1 Clienti program for owners of legendary F1 cars, 499P Modificata owners will be maintained and supported by Ferrari itself. This allows engineers to monitor more closely with modern technologies. In particular, this is also the only car in the unique segment that uses a hybrid engine to provide power to 4 wheels.

In the future, Ferrari will be ready to implement new structures for similar ambitious projects.

Currently, Ferrari has not announced the price for the 499P Modificata, however this is a car developed based on complex regulations so the price is up to 5.1 million euros.

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