In the process of developing a new car model, using prototypes without revealing the design is something that many car brands do, applied at many different stages to perform tests. different. In the process of developing the “legendary” Hypercar LaFerrari, the team also had to test, research and develop for a long period of time. They even used a prototype of a Ferrari 458 Italia to set up and modify to test the features for application in developing LaFerrari.

The Hybrid car called Ferrari LaFerrari was launched in 2013 and the first cars appeared on the streets a year later and became a serious competitor to the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder models. However, long before this car was “formed”, Ferrari’s team of engineers relied on this 458 Italia to test the brakes, steering system, suspension, ESP system and power. of the 6.3-liter, hybrid-powered V12 engine of the landmark Hypercar.

This 458 Italia was used by Ferrari from May 2011 to December 2012 in the first of three stages of LaFerrari development. The aluminum chassis system of the 458 has been heavily modified to be suitable for installing a V12 engine block, thereby giving this 458 a more impressive power, more powerful and suitable for its structure. LaFerrari’s architecture with a mid-mounted engine block. In addition, the car has also had many details removed and replaced to be able to turn into a true experimental machine, “abandoning” the original, artistic appearance with the lines that were once famous for the car. famous Pininfarina brand.

Even though it is a Ferrari 458 Italia, almost all details have been intervened and modified by the team to simulate details equivalent to LaFerrari. Many details in the interior compartment have been modified to suit the testing process, the front luggage compartment has been removed and replaced with equipment and machinery. The body of the vehicle is also cut out to create a compartment that can be opened and closed so that the team can easily adjust and review the machinery. The engine compartment cover has also been modified, adding an air intake to help cool the car more effectively.

Compared to the sleek, attractive appearance of a LaFerrari, this 458 Italia is the complete opposite with a rough appearance, painted in matte black and some additional removable body parts. This car is built with an emphasis on performance rather than form. Additional camouflaged body panels give it an even more rugged look, and electrical wires and warning notes appear everywhere on the car.

Automakers’ test vehicles are often kept for further testing or destroyed to avoid revealing secrets during development. However, Ferrari sold this unique car to a private collector in 2016 and the car cannot be registered and used on the street. Until now, this development test car cannot be legally circulated on the street, but buyers can still use the car in some places such as racetracks to enjoy it. The power of the famous V12 engine in a completely different way.

After 6 years of being kept in a personal collection, the car was offered for sale by the owner through the RM Sotheby’s Monaco auction event taking place in May. Maybe this car does not bring comfort or comfort. Although it does not have an eye-catching appearance, the car has technical significance and is an important link in the process of developing the Hypercar LaFerrari model. Surely this car will be able to be sold at auction for up to millions of dollars due to its rarity and special meaning.

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