The Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S that appeared in the movie “The Cannonball Run” recently made history when it was displayed in a glass box located at the National Mall, located in Washington DC, USA. . This place is known as the most famous place in Washington DC that almost every tourist visits when coming to the capital of the United States.

Previously, after exactly 40 years since the movie “The Cannonball Run” debuted, this Countach made history when it was included in the National Historic Vehicle Register list of the United States Library of Congress, managed by the United States Library of Congress. Hagerty Driver’s Foundation. This iconic supercar is honored to be on the list of 30 cars considered to be of national importance to the United States.

To commemorate this important event, this Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S will be displayed in a glass case located on the National Mall campus in Washington D.C. This is also where sacred symbols of the United States such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are located. The special car will be on display here this week, marking a special historical moment when a Lamborghini achieved an important position unprecedented in history.

Once included in the National Historic Vehicle Register, all information related to the car including the car’s history, 3D scans of the car and copies of all documents about this Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S will be preserved in the Library of Congress. It is known as the oldest cultural institution in the United States and is an official agency of the United States Congress.

This Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S was released in 1979. The car has a glossy black exterior and a light cow leather interior with chassis number 1121112. The car is equipped with two spoilers, one characteristic large spoiler. at the rear and a spoiler on the front bumper. In addition, the car is also equipped with other details such as long antennas and an exhaust system with a series of extremely different exhaust tips.

This special Countach model appears in the opening scene of the movie filmed in the desert east of Las Vegas. The background sound of the scene is the fascinating sound of a V12 engine and six carburetors. Lamborghini Countach is the biggest “star” of the movie and the dream of many car enthusiasts at that time. Not only for those who have seen the movie “The Cannonball Run”, the Countach is also the dream car of anyone who is passionate about cars in the 1970s. With a distinct angular design likened to a flying saucer, With its special scissor door structure, the Countach soon found itself a special position in the hearts of fans.

This Lamborghini Countach was shipped like other normal cars and was delivered to Lamborghini’s distributor in Rome in 1979. Distributor SEA Auto immediately exported the car to the US market and the The car soon found its owner in Florida. In 1980, the owner of the car and also a friend of director Hal Needham lent him this special car for filming.

This Countach car model has been modified in some details to better suit the film’s context. The car has been supplemented with a front spoiler with additional twin lights, three extra-long antennas and 12 exhaust tips. While the car was on set, Ron Rice paid special attention to this car. He is the founder of the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen brand, famous for its sponsorship programs in the racing field. As soon as he saw this unique Countach, he decided to buy it immediately. Ron Rice owned this car until 2004 and then sold it to Attorney Jeff Ippoliti living in Florida. He is a person with a great passion for the Lamborghini brand and to this day, the car is still owned by him.

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