One of the 77 Porsche 935s of the 2019 version is about to be auctioned at an extremely expensive price.
The Porsche 935 model produced in 2019, also known as Porsche 935 2019, is known as one of the most outstanding and admirable creations of the German luxury car manufacturer in recent years.

With a limit of just 77 units ever built, this attractive racing car has become a sought-after vehicle for supercar collectors around the world. However, due to limited quantity and high historical value, buying a 2019 Porsche 935 today is not easy.

Recently, the 49th Porsche 935 2019 was officially put up for sale by the owner on the Bring A Trailer auction platform with a starting price of nearly $1 million. The car has many interesting features and unique options (equipment) that make it different from other 2019 Porsche 935s.

Porsche 935 2019 is a special sports racing car version inspired by the legendary racing car model Porsche 935 version 1978. As for the exterior, the car body is made from synthetic carbon fiber, colored black with orange, red and pink stripes in stunning Interscope Racing style. This is also the characteristic paint color that the 1978 Porsche 935 achieved success in the 24-hour Daytona race in 1979 in the US.

Notably, the car was covered with a unique wrap directly from the factory by the owner for $27,500 when it left the factory. This “option” alone is worth as much as a brand new Mazda CX-5. In addition, the replacement parts package that comes with the car is also equipped with a value of up to $44,300, equivalent to about 1 billion VND, even though the car owner almost never drives this car.

After 4 years from the factory, this 49th Porsche 935 2019 has only run 146km, almost preserved in a “like new” state.

As a sports racing car, the Porsche 935 2019 engine has a capacity of up to 690 horsepower, 6 cylinders and a capacity of 3.8 liters with a 7-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission allowing it to become a racing car. A true “beast” on the track.

Due to the use of synthetic carbon fiber as a shell material, the car has an overall weight of only 1,380kg, along with its unique aerodynamic design, turning the Porsche into a “black arrow” that tears through the wind.

Of course, for a sports racing car, the interior is not the strong point of this 2019 Porsche 935. The car has only one driver’s seat position and also uses carbon fiber as a cover, along with a 6-point seat belt system, fire extinguishing system and safety reinforced iron frame system. In addition, the extra passenger seat becomes a unique “option” for this car model when the owner wants to equip it and has to spend an additional $10,000.

At the time the car went on sale at the Bring A Trailer auction platform, this 2019 Porsche 935 had a starting price of about $900,000. However, after 2 days, as of the afternoon of October 29, 2023, collectors pushed the value of the car to 1.3 billion dollars, equivalent to about 31 billion VND, a huge price. The auction will continue for 11 more days, meaning that the amount of money spent for the next owner to own this 49th Porsche 935 2019 will reach an unbelievable price.

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