On their 200-hectare land bathed in golden sunlight, the “Gold Gypsies” are facing a significant challenge in the final week of the gold hunting season. At their “Taurus” claim, they not only have to confront the difficulties of searching for gold but also remain vigilant against the appearance of cunning thieves. Will they discover gold? Watch the video to understand the details of the journey involving Chris and Greg Clark.

Gold gypsies face challenges with gold thieves on their 200-hectare private lease during the final week of their season.

Thieves have left behind multiple dig holes, stealing gold that could have contributed to the gypsies’ 50-ounce target for the season.

The stolen gold creates financial setbacks, forcing the gypsies to consider selling equipment and impacting their livelihood.

Despite the challenges, thieves inadvertently help the gypsies by dropping gold while being chased off the lease, adding over 2,700 dollars to their total.

The gold gypsies ultimately have a successful final week, unearthing enough gold to reach their 50-ounce target and consider taking a break or going on holiday.


The battle against the thieves is not just a confrontation with darkness; it is also a struggle to protect the livelihood of the “Gold Gypsies” group. Despite facing failures and hardships, these gold hunters have ultimately emerged victorious. Through perseverance and relentless effort, they have not only stood up against the wrongdoers but have also discovered moments of happiness and success amidst the harsh landscape of the gold hunting life. The journey continues ahead. CONTINUE READING

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