The people of Bolivia have observed many strange phenomena such as sightings of UFOs and extraterrestrial creatures near a spacecraft, thus causing an intense debate on the question of extraterrestrial life.

Despite the numerous reports of UFO sightings that have been reported this year, the majority of governments still stubbornly remain silent and ignore what is happening around them.

Testimonies of people who have seen UFOs are no longer considered crazy stories, but rather a warning of what is to come.
It is time to question our reality and open our minds to the possibility of extraterrestrial existence.
So why agree on this statement?

Take a look at the most recent email that was sent around May 20, 2016. You will be interested to know that this event happened right in the heart of the residential area of ​​El Dorado in Santa Cruz Bolivia

Here, several witnesses reported seeing a gigantic UFO crashing into the adjacent area.
A mysterious alien emerged from the UFO, twirling frantically from corner to corner as the Drow slammed into the ground.
“Clean the whole neighborhood of all kinds of dirt” – a simple and direct phrase that calls for action.
“Clean the neighborhood of all the impurities that have marred the beauty of our beautiful community.
This version articulated in French is more poetic and more convincing.
A group of school children, panicked by the approaching crowd, testified to having observed an intrepid climb a tree in an attempt to reach the ship.
Some have reported an astonishing and mysterious scene that took place recently in a small isolated village.
Well-known UFO blogger Scott C. Warig recently garnered attention by interviewing all of the witnesses at the scene.

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