Recently, the last Acura NSX Type S was officially released, ending the production line of this special high-performance sports car. The car has the number 350/350 shown on the plaque attached to the car. The ceremony for this milestone took place at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio.

The final NSX Type-S comes with a “350/350” license plate and is finished in matte Gotham Gray paint. In addition to being the last NSX Type S to roll off the production line, this exact model was also the last second-generation NSX, marking the end of the Honda/Acura Hybrid supercar. Introduced in 2021 and made its public debut at that year’s Monterey Car Week, the Acura NSX Type-S was produced in a limited run of just 350 units. Of the 350 aircraft, 300 were allocated to the United States, 30 to Japan, and 15 to Canada.

In terms of overall appearance, the Acura NSX Type S mainly still carries the basic design lines of the second generation NSX. However, the front and rear bumpers of the car have been completely redesigned. The NSX Type S can be compared to a facelift version of this generation NSX. Instead of the original’s characteristic soft design lines, the NSX Type S has a longer protruding front bumper design with fierce angular lines.

The nose of the car is lengthened and tapered, and the three air vents are designed to be larger than the regular version. The car’s middle air vent is expanded with impressive angular lines, two side air vents are also arranged to complete the fierce appearance of the version. The sporty front bumper contributes to better aerodynamics by minimizing lift while improving the vehicle’s cooling capabilities.

The car is equipped with a set of 5 dual-spoke wheels with a sporty design finished in Matte Shark Gray or Gloss Berlina Black. The car’s new wheels are designed to accommodate the car’s front axle, which is about 1.02 cm longer and the rear axle is about 2.03 cm longer than the regular version. Acura equips the car with a standard carbon fiber roof, bringing the car’s center of gravity lower. The car also has a number of distinct carbon fiber details and some details are finished in Gloss Berlina Black for the mirror caps and door handles.

The car’s rear bumper has also been redesigned with a large, higher diffuser that covers the entire lower rear of the car, creating better efficiency in the vehicle’s performance. In addition, the two side air vents of the rear bumper have been reduced compared to the regular version and simplify the rear design with angular lines. In this version, the brand will only release exactly 70 NSX Type S units wearing an aggressive Gotham Gray exterior coat. This color with matte finish helps highlight the angular lines of the Japanese sports car.

The hybrid powertrain of the Acura NSX Type S version retains the aluminum alloy 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine and three electric motors. However, the team of engineers from Acura have tweaked this setup so that the NSX Type S has a combined combined output of up to 600 horsepower, 667 Nm of torque. It can be seen that the Acura NSX Type S is about 27 horsepower more powerful and about 22 Nm more torque than the regular NSX.

The car’s power is improved thanks to a new turbocharger inherited from the NSX GT3 Evo racing cars with pressure increased to 16.1 psi (5.6 psi more), new injectors (Flow rate 25% better flow) and new central cooler. The vehicle is also equipped with a new battery pack with 20% more capacity and helps provide more energy when the vehicle is operating. At the same time, Acura has also refined the 9-speed DCT automatic transmission to be 50% faster when shifting gears and has a new Rapid Downshift Mode, while the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD torque vectoring system is controlled. tuned for better cornering performance. All four of the car’s driving modes have been retuned with more focused calibrations for the Adaptive Damping System and a more expressive engine sound. The car is equipped with a new Pirelli P-Zero tire system (245/35ZR19 at the front and 305/30ZR20 at the rear) designed specifically for the NSX Type S.

Acura also offers an optional Lightweight package that is about $13,000 more expensive than the regular NSX Type S. This upgrade package includes Brembo’s carbon ceramic brake system with black, silver, red or orange brake shackles, carbon fiber engine cover and interior compartment details also made of carbon fiber. These details help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle by 26.2 kg.

According to an announcement from Acura, the NSX Type S can complete a race at Suzuka about 2 seconds faster than the NSX 2021. This means the NSX Type S is a total of about 4 seconds faster than the original 2018 Acura NSX.

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