In the remote wilderness of Maker Farah, Dust Devils embark on an impressive clean-up season, promising a streak of uninterrupted days and hopes for a greater yield of gold. However, the financial and operational challenges posed by Jake and Mike place a significant burden on their shoulders. With a combination of personal resources and a limited budget, they must confront difficulties not only financially but also psychologically.

Impressive Clean Up Season Start: The Dust Devils in Maker Farah kick off the season with a successful cleanup operation, aiming to avoid shutdowns and increase gold production.

Financial Challenges: Jake and Mike face financial constraints, having invested $60,000 from the previous season’s profits to purchase plans for their operation. Operating on a tight budget, they highlight the stress associated with not meeting gold targets.

Second Processing Plant in Kalgoorlie: The team’s second gold processing plant, overseen by Paul’s dad and hired hand Dusty, plays a critical role in their operation. Paul makes an 850-kilometer trip to ensure its functionality, emphasizing the practical challenges of their working environment.

Challenges with Water Pump: John faces difficulties in starting the water pump after a four-week break between seasons. Despite challenges, the team remains resilient, with John’s positive outlook highlighting the importance of family in their endeavor.

Successful Test Sample: The team conducts a test sample on new ground, uncovering promising signs of gold. The results indicate good nuggets and boost confidence in achieving the season’s target of 400 ounces, providing a positive start to their gold mining efforts.

Despite incessant challenges, Dust Devils ceaselessly strive to keep their dry blower operational. From the arduous journey through the wild roads to the efforts in starting the water pump, they work not only towards the 400-ounce gold target but also to demonstrate their passion and commitment to this demanding job. The accumulated results from the gold test samples promise a season where Dust Devils can overcome all obstacles and achieve substantial success. NEXT

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