Concerned about drivers losing concentration when using self-driving mode, Tesla called back more than 2 million vehicles to update the software and add warnings.

Tesla is implementing a recall program in the US market, with nearly all of its vehicles sold here, after federal regulators said there were some defects in the self-driving system (Autopilot). , causing safety risks when operating.

Tesla cars at a dealership in the US

In the recall report filing, Tesla said the Autopilot software system may not be effective enough to “prevent driver misuse of this feature.”

A spokesperson for the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has been investigating Tesla’s autopilot function for more than two years, said: “Autonomous technology promises to improve safety.” , but only when used responsibly. This recall is an example of improving self-driving systems, by prioritizing everyone’s safety.”

The above decision marks the largest recall for Tesla, when self-driving car development in the US encountered a series of safety obstacles. Tesla said it will install new protections and fix existing errors. Vehicle models Y, S, 3 and X manufactured between October 5, 2012 and December 7, 2023 are subject to recall.

Speaking before the US House of Representatives on December 13, NHTSA representative Ann Carlson said the first investigation began in August 2021, when there were many reports of fatal accidents occurring with self-driving mode. motion is activated. Documents posted by the agency say the current design of the Autopilot system could lead to “foreseeable abuse” by drivers.

“One of the things we determined is that drivers are not always paying attention to driving when the automated system is on,” Carlson said. The changes are being made to make the self-driving system safer, “encouraging drivers to always respect their driving responsibilities”.

Tesla said it will update the software with additional warnings to ensure drivers pay attention when using driving assistance functions.

On the other hand, the Dutch vehicle regulator RDW – which oversees safety approvals for Tesla in Europe – said there are currently no plans to recall Tesla vehicles in this market.

In both markets, Tesla is classified as a Level 2 self-driving car. An RDW spokesperson said there are differences in the specific self-driving features in Level 2 in the US and Europe, so there are no details. subject to recall.

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