Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the most expensive supercar with Hybrid equipment of the Italian car brand at the present time. In the Vietnamese market, the SF90 Stradale is a name desired by many car enthusiasts with its impressive 1000 horsepower, modern technology and a series of modernized details. However, at the present time, the number of Tailor Made versions designed based on the SF90 Stradale is still not many, which is why a unique version like the SF90 “Blue Denim” below will be a Tailor version. Made extremely valuable.

In the past, the production of cars with Denim interiors was gradually reduced and to date, the definition of a Denim-covered interior compartment has almost disappeared. However, when it comes to Denim leather, the AMC Gremlin Levi is still a car model that many people remember. Recently, a special Ferrari customer ordered the top SF90 Stradale with an interior covered in blue Denim fabric, bringing a completely different appearance compared to the interior designs of other brands. another SF90.

This car was designed through the company’s Tailor Made program. This car was created at the request of a “very lucky customer” with some equipment such as seats covered with special material Kuroki Superstone Bleach Denim. The car’s interior becomes more special with its high quality. This material is used to cover the lower part of the dashboard as well as the car’s seat cushions. These details are combined with red embroidery thread as well as red seat trims, The prancing horse logo on the red chair backrests creates a highlight.

Furthermore, the car’s interior is also equipped with a series of Scottish blue carbon trim details such as the center console as well as the carbon seat frame, these details combine harmoniously with the Denim fabric-covered interior. green. Regarding the exterior, the car is equipped with a carbon fiber accessory package called Assetto Fiorano. The car is equipped with a set of 10-spoke carbon fiber wheels with an affordable price, hidden behind are Brembo Ferrari brake shackles painted in a different blue color and carbon ceramic brake discs.

The biggest barrier with the SF90 Stradale is that models using plug-in hybrid powertrains are often quite heavy. However, the Italian supercar brand has tried to “lose weight” for the SF90 Stradale by using carbon fiber and aluminum alloy to make the body and chassis. Changes in chassis materials not only help reduce “weight” but also increase stiffness and durability significantly compared to previous platforms. This helps the weight of the Ferrari SF90 stop at only 1,570 kg even though the hybrid system has increased the car by 270 kg.

At the rear, the hybrid supercar is equipped with a transparent glass engine cover, a carbon fiber engine compartment, on both sides are a fuel cap and an electric charging socket. The rear of the car is high to reveal a small slit, creating a spoiler for the SF90 Stradale. The rear bumper has a pair of dual oval taillights integrated with LED technology, replacing the round taillight clusters on most previous Ferrari models. The car’s sports exhaust cluster with two symmetrical exhaust hoods and diffuser with many air splits gives it a bold aerodynamic look.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain combined with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, producing a maximum capacity of 769 horsepower and maximum torque of 800 Nm. . The hybrid system on the car includes 3 electric motors with 2 motors located on the front axle and 1 motor integrated in the gearbox. These three electric motors provide the SF90 Stradale with an additional 217 horsepower, thereby increasing the vehicle’s total capacity to 986 horsepower. With this power, the “super horse” takes only 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h in 6.7 seconds and has a maximum speed of 340 km/h.

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