In the remote wilderness of Maker Farah, the Dust Devils kick off an impressive clean-up season with remarkable performance. Confronting challenges in this desolate land, they not only battle the harsh forces of nature but also face daunting financial and psychological pressures. This season seems poised to determine their fate as they strive to recoup the $60,000 invested from the previous season to acquire essential plans.

Successful Season Start: The Dust Devils embark on an impressive clean-up season, overcoming challenges in the remote wilderness of Maker Farah.

Financial Strain and Determination: The team operates on a tight budget, using $60,000 from the previous season’s profit to purchase essential plans. Despite financial and mental stress, Jake and Mike persist in keeping the dry blower operational.

Gold Processing Challenges: Paul faces a challenging 850-kilometer journey to the second processing plant in Kalgoorlie. The wash plant, vital to the gold recovery process, encounters technical issues, including a stubborn water pump.

Promising Test Samples: The team conducts a test sample for new ground, revealing promising signs of gold nuggets. Despite the high cost of transporting dirt, the potential gold yield justifies the expense, boosting the season’s target.

Successful Gold Bar Pour: The Dust Devils achieve a 400-ounce season target with a gold bar pour in Kalgoorlie. Despite the separation of processing plants, they overcome challenges, and the initial gold results indicate a positive start to the season.

Despite escalating challenges and mounting pressures, the Dust Devils have launched their clean-up season in an impressive fashion. The journey of over 800 km from Maker Farah to Kalgoorlie is not just a physical endeavor but a mental and financial challenge. Nevertheless, with relentless perseverance, they have overcome obstacles, from maintaining the dry blower to troubleshooting issues with the wash plant and sluice. The initial yield of gold from these efforts not only marks a positive start to the new clean-up season but also stands as evidence of their unwavering patience and determination in the face of this unforgiving terrain. CONTINUE READING


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