The RM 71-01 Automatic TourbillonTalisman carries bold mechanical elements along with the luxury jewelry making art of this luxury watch company.

Richard Mille said that the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman collection was born as an exciting blend of tribal cultural art and Art Deco, embellished with skillful shaping techniques with metallic materials. diamond, agate, pearl and black sapphire.

“We were previously known for our high-performance timepieces, incorporating modern technical elements inspired by the world of racing and aerospace, although women’s watches are gradually taking over. growing in our total revenue,” the company’s boss said

Realizing this shift, Richard Mille needs a young, modern and enthusiastic woman to take on the responsibility of infusing new, bolder, stronger energy into the brand’s women’s watch segment to bring its products to market. reach new heights.

The birth of RM 71-01 Tourbillon Talisman marks a new shift for Richard Mille, bringing new designs for women.

The chosen one is Cécile Guenat – daughter of Mr. Dominique Guenat – Richard Mille’s close friend and business partner. The concept of this collection was formed right from the first sketches, with a total of 10 different versions for the case and watch face. Cécile Guenat wanted to truly celebrate the skeleton movement by creating one-of-a-kind diamond and gemstone sets. The sparkling stones and the shape of the watch face are a combination of contemporary and traditional.

“For the watch to truly be placed in its rightful place, the RM 71-01 must perfectly combine optimal technical elements and unique design. This is also the company’s first automatic Tourbillon movement. This Greatness lies not only in that, but also in optimal performance, reliability and irresistible perfection”, explains Richard Mille.

With the Tourbillon movement, Richard Mille uses CRMT1, the 8th in-house movement and also the brand’s first in-house tourbillon movement. Possessing a skeletonized tonneau design, no more than 6.2mm thick and weighing only 8 grams, the CRMT1 movement – the “heart” of the watch is made of level 5 Titanium placed inside a white or rose gold shell.

The RM 71-01 Tourbillon Talisman is equipped with the in-house CRMT1 movement, the brand’s first self-contained tourbillon movement.

The variable inertia rotor equips this mechanical “heart”, something that has never appeared in the history of luxury watchmaking, according to the company’s owner. Vibrating rhythmically with the inertia created by the movement of the wearer’s wrist, this rotor can be adjusted based on the owner’s activity intensity and frees them from having to manually wind the watch. . Except for the barrel and winding mechanism inherited from previous movements, the CRMT1 is a completely new movement.

“The first challenge was how to create an automatic Tourbillon that fits neatly inside the narrow and curved case of the RM 037. The second challenge was to complete the first challenge while also satisfying all performance standards whether it is in terms of precision, winding performance or shock resistance”, shares Salvador Arbona”, Technical Director of the movement.

With the original goal of “honoring skeletonized movements by creating diamond and gemstone sets”, the movement’s shape and transparency are the result of this aesthetic approach.

The watch’s lightness begins with its skeletonized movement design, in which the longitudinal bars of the movement are gradually curved to create a slim profile while also exposing the Tourbillon. The movement consists of linear gears allowing for the most efficient transfer of power in the center of the PVD-coated Grade 5 Titanium chassis, which together with the quick-winding barrel provide approximately 50 hours of power reserve. quantity.

This collection includes a total of ten different versions of the case and dial to honor the skeleton movement by creating one-of-a-kind diamond and gemstone sets.

Not only are the most advanced materials applied, the watch components are also hand-finished at the highest level. According to the company, the gently beveled corners have made craft decorators “want to explode”. “We had to develop complex processes specifically for processing those curved surfaces,” says Richard Mille.

The CRMT1 movement first debuted with the RM 71-01 watch model – a movement called “talisman” that has feminine and solemn beauty but is not synonymous with fragility.

“Dispelling the stereotype that women’s watches are always fragile pieces of jewelry, the RM 71-01 is created to be worn continuously throughout the day and remains accurate thanks to the automatic winding mechanism. Construction of the watch is discreet enough to bring the face, hands and stone set versions to the front without being ostentatious.”, said Salvador Arbona.

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