The largest golden nugget ever discovered in the UK, weighing a whopping 121.3 grams, was found in a Scottish river by an unnamed explorer. This remarkable nugget, made of 22-carat gold, is unique not only for its size but also for its distinctive donut shape, with a small hole in the middle. It was discovered in two pieces that fit together perfectly, earning it the nickname “The Reunion Nugget.”

The person who found the nugget, along with the landowner where it was discovered, has chosen to keep their identities a secret, likely due to the nugget’s significant value. Lee Palmer, author of “Gold Occurrences In The UK,” emphasized that this nugget is now the largest of its kind in the UK and praised its purity, with no impurities in the gold.

This is the largest golden nugget ever discovered in the UKCredit: Lee Palmer/

The discovery of “The Reunion Nugget” took place in a mystery Scottish river in May and involved the method of “sniping.” This technique involves gold hunters lying face-down in a river while wearing snorkels and dry suits. The enthusiast initially unearthed the larger piece, weighing 89.6 grams, before finding the other 31.7-gram half just 10 minutes later. It wasn’t until a few days later that he realized how large the nuggets were and that they could fit together.

The small hole in the middle of the nugget has generated speculation about its origin. One mineralogist suggested it could be the result of a strike from a rock or glacier, while another theory proposed that it resembled an entry and exit hole made with a neolithic antler pick, a tool used by farmers in the Iron Age.

This is the largest golden nugget ever discovered in the UKCredit: Lee Palmer/

The finder and the landowner are keeping their identities hidden due to the significance of the discovery. Lee Palmer, who interviewed the owner for his book, hopes that the nugget will find its way to a museum like the National Museum of Scotland or the Natural History Museum. However, there may be legal implications, and it could end up being handed over to The Crown Estate.

Despite being in two pieces, this incredible nugget is believed to retain its high value. It is truly a remarkable find, and even just the largest individual piece makes it the biggest golden nugget in the UK. When you consider the second piece and the captivating story behind it, it becomes an even more extraordinary discovery.

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