In the rugged land of Yukon, Rick Ness’s quest for gold is facing significant challenges. With a substantial investment in drilling a deep 190-foot hole, Rick is banking on a potential $5 million gold find. However, relentless difficulties have left him 800 ounces short of his goal, and winter is fast approaching. With pressure from the land owner building on Rick Ness, he needs to double his production to be able to buy the land. Luckily, with a lot of hard work, he produces his biggest haul ever, enough to purchase the land for himself.

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  • Rick Ness is facing challenges in finding gold, and he has bet his career on a deep test drilling that hinted at a potential $5 million gold haul, but so far, he is 800 ounces short of his goal as winter approaches.
  • The landowner, Troy Taylor, who owns the claims Rick is leasing, approaches him with an unexpected offer to buy the property. Troy is ready to sell and asks for a down payment of 150 ounces, equivalent to a quarter of a million dollars.
  • Rick is unsure about the offer and needs time to think, considering the financial implications and the timing of the proposition.
  • In an effort to boost gold production, Rick discusses a plan with one of his crew members, Kyle Lawson, to run both wash plants simultaneously. Kyle, a former Yukon iron worker, takes on the challenge to bring in the extra 150 ounces needed.
  • The crew’s efforts pay off, and they achieve their biggest gold haul ever, totaling 315 ounces for the week, providing Rick with the funds to make a down payment on the property and move forward with the purchase.


Yet, Rick’s adventure is not just about challenges. In an unexpected twist full of opportunity, landowner Troy Taylor presents a surprising proposal – to sell the very land Rick is leasing. Rising to the challenge, Rick and his team rev up production and achieve their largest gold haul to date. With this gold, Rick is ready to make a significant decision – a strong commitment to own his piece of land. Rick Ness’s gold race is far from over, but with determination and dedication, he has opened a new chapter in his gold career atop the Yukon mountains.


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