In the vast expanse of gold-laden territories, Rick struck a considerable amount of gold at a new claim. However, his joy quickly turned into suspicion as he realized that a portion of the gold might be slipping out the back of the plant. To address this concern, Rick enlisted his close friend Chris Cruz, a skilled welder, to construct a makeshift device aimed at capturing large gold nuggets before they reached the shaker deck.

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  1. Rick discovers gold at a new claim, but realizes they may be losing some as it goes out the back of the plant.
  2. To address the issue, Rick enlists his friend Chris Cruz, a welder fabricator, to build a DIY nugget trap to catch big gold nuggets before they reach the shaker deck.
  3. The makeshift nugget trap involves welding heavy-duty rails beneath the hopper to trap large nuggets.
  4. After four hours of work, the nugget trap is ready for testing. Rick runs pay dirt through the system to see if the trap effectively catches the gold.
  5. The nugget trap proves successful, catching 45 ounces of gold, including nearly 12,000 worth of nuggets, resulting in a total value of $63,000.


After hours of meticulous work, the improvised “nugget trap” was finally ready. Eager to test its performance, Rick wasted no time in running rich pay dirt through the system. The results left him and his team both anxious and elated as they discovered that the makeshift trap had effectively captured not only an impressive amount of gold but also valuable large nuggets. With over $63,000 in proceeds from this discovery, it marks a significant milestone for the gold hunting team, showcasing their creativity and skills in the ongoing quest for treasure. NEXT

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