In the mystical world of gold mining in Yukon, Confronting unforeseen challenges and reshaping their mining plans on a piece of land holding ancient stories, located 20 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. In this journey, Parker brings not only mining equipment and determination but also invites Mitch Blashki, his trusted companion, to demonstrate that the secrets hidden in the ancient soil may lead to colossal treasures.

Parker Schnabel and his team venture into Alaska in search of gold on a historic mining ground. With a successful operation running in the Yukon, will they be able to expand their gold mining empire in Alaska?

  1. Parker Schnabel reevaluates his mining plan 20 miles north of Fairbanks due to a 4-month delay in the wash plant design.
  2. Mitch Blashki, Parker’s right-hand man, is brought in to help salvage the season on historic ground owned by John Reeves and his family.
  3. The team explores old dredge buckets and tailings from the early 1900s, considering the possibility of finding gold left behind by previous miners.
  4. Aora, John Reeves’ daughter, leads the team to prospect an area with drift tailings, finding visible gold in the pan and expressing confidence in a successful season.
  5. While Parker and Mitch were away, Tyson Lee successfully operated Big Red, producing approximately 224.5 ounces of gold worth $400,000, demonstrating the team’s ability to keep operations running smoothly in their absence.

With Big Red operating robustly and yielding an impressive amount of gold, the Yukon gold mining season is gradually unveiling astonishing secrets. They are not merely gold miners but adventurers, facing unforeseen challenges to explore rare moments of the past and create deeply adventurous stories. Together, let’s uncover this journey through captivating details and remarkable moments of their expedition. NEXT

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