Parker is increasingly confronted with disappointment as his mining partnership in Alaska reaches a crucial juncture, facing the risk of a significant investment as his ground is flooded three times consecutively. With the goal of achieving a profit cut of $250,000, constant risks and challenges arise, raising the question of whether they can overcome these formidable obstacles. Follow Parker and Tyler Mahoney’s journey through the full video below!

  1. Parker Schnabel and his crew are facing challenges in their mining operation as they race to mine a cut, which involves dealing with a hole in the wall of the cut.

  2. While attempting to widen the mining area, the crew encounters a breach in the floor of the 30-foot deep cut, leading to water pouring in faster than they can pump it out.

  3. The crew suspects they may have hit an old miner’s shaft, causing water from abandoned tunnels to flood the cut and jeopardize the mining operation.

  4. In the past two weeks, this is the second time the crew has struck an old timer’s shaft, creating a dangerous situation that requires evacuating the crew from the cut.

  5. Despite efforts to salvage the situation, the crew realizes they won’t be able to recover any pay from the cut, leaving Parker Schnabel frustrated as his $250,000 investment is once again compromised by water, impacting their gold mining venture in Alaska.

While Parker Schnabel and his team are facing unexpected and heart-wrenching failures, their gold mining and exploration story continues to be a dramatic and challenging adventure. With each hardship, they learn valuable lessons and grow not only as a teamwork but also as professional miners. Despite the outcomes not meeting expectations, the story still proves that in the harsh world of gold mining, perseverance and determination can be the keys to any success, even if it’s just a temporary setback. NEXT

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