As the music sets the tone, we embark on a new adventure with Parker Schnabel from “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.” This journey leads us to the Fitzgerald family, owners of not only more mining claims than anyone else in the area but also custodians of a family mining tradition that spans over 27 years. Parker steps onto this land, where gold is not the only treasure but also a rich history of family-centric mining.

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  • The video features Parker visiting the Fitzgerald family, who have been mining for 27 years and own numerous claims in the area, making it a strictly family-only business.
  • Jack, head of the Fitzgerald family, is interested in selling, but he wants Parker to prove himself as trustworthy, expressing frustration with previous miners who went broke.
  • Parker is at the site to assess the property for himself, learn about their mining methods, and explore the potential for mining the land, which is similar to his Yukon claims.
  • The Palmer Goldfields have similarities to Parker’s Yukon mining, with almost identical bedrock and methods. However, the lack of permafrost in this region could make mining more cost-effective.
  • After a gold exploration demonstration, Parker is impressed with the quality of gold in the area, and there is interest in testing the ground further for potential business opportunities.


The intense meeting with the Fitzgerald family has left Parker with a profound impression, not only about the mining history but also the exceptional quality of gold in the Palmer Goldfields. Faced with challenges and questions about feasibility and scale, Parker and his team decide to delve deeper, to visit and scrutinize further, contemplating whether to expand their business and conquer new grounds. This adventure is not just about finding gold; it’s about discovering new opportunities and building new horizons in the captivating world of gold mining.


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