MB&F today announced the MAD1 Green, the third iteration of the MAD1 wristwatch first revealed in June 2021 under a separate label, MADEditions . The stainless steel watch is limited to 1,500 pieces and available through a lottery system, as the brand expects very high interest that far exceeds supply.

How it started
Not many creations can boast of being born as a plan to say thank you. The driving force behind MADEditions was a certain frustration that most watch lovers could not afford a high-end MB&F watch, including friends and family of MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser. MADEditions began as a side project to thank MB&F supporters who have played a vital role in the brand’s success.

Even during the founding of MB&F, nearly two decades ago, Maximilian had the idea of a parallel watch brand at a more affordable price. The project is a bit crazy; At that time, his attention was naturally focused on MB&F, and he was unable to raise enough capital to get it off the ground. However, this idea never left him, lingering in his mind… until 2014, when the idea appeared again. After several months of work, Max once again decided to shelve the prototype of what would become the MAD1 – until it returned in 2020, at the start of the Covid pandemic, when the MB&F team spent countless time to work. Zoom meetings, brainstorming about new projects.

From 2020 to mid-2021, the MB&F team refined and perfected the design – and invested in the production of several hundred units. This watch will be as innovative as anything else MB&F has developed, only at a much more affordable price. Obviously it couldn’t bear the MB&F name; to keep the price accessible, the engineering, complexity and finish obviously won’t be in the same league as MB&F’s Legacy Calculators and Horoscopes. The team chose MADEditions to link the watch to the world of mechanical art of the brand’s MADGalleries.

First results: MAD1 blue for “Friends and Tribe”
MAD1 was never “released” in the true sense of the word. In June 2021, without any warning, it was presented only as a short email with a few photos to MB&F suppliers and collectors. It is not published on the brand’s website or social media channels. But that simple email created a media storm unlike anything MB&F had ever seen.

Coming from MB&F, whose watches range in price from about $60,000 to $500,000, a price tag of CHF 1,900 + tax (about $2,000) seems unbelievable. At the time, since the project was created purely as a thank you to everyone who helped create MB&F, it was not intended for business and its price did not reflect the true value of the watch .

This first edition of the MAD1 watch – recognizable thanks to its blue accents – is recommended for two clearly defined groups of people: first, MB&F’s network of suppliers – “Friends ” as the brand calls them – who have been helping create their watches ever since. 2005. From dialmakers to handsmiths, the makers of the brand’s cases, escapements, movements and sapphire crystals; but also to the photographers, writers, designers and other creatives who participated in the journey.

The second group are registered members of “The Tribe”, the MB&F owners club – collectors, patrons who have supported the brand from the beginning by purchasing Horoscopes and Horoscopes. inheritance. Incidentally, the group would later decide that Tribal members have permanent access to MADEditions going forward, realizing that MB&F would not exist without them.

The thank yous to MB&F’s suppliers and collectors could have ended there – but in today’s world of social media and chat groups, it’s only a matter of days before this thank you goes out. spread. After taking possession of the MAD1, “Friends and Tribe” members began sharing their new watches with the world, further increasing the desires of watch lovers around the world. After a few frantic weeks, the MB&F team realized that the project could not be limited to existing vendors and collectors – they had to consider opening MADEditions to the wider public.

The MAD1 was conceived with the same level of innovation as the MB&F Machine but at an affordable price. Developing a movement from scratch was obviously too expensive, so it was necessary to modify a basic caliber that was already tested and proven. Among several potential candidates, the Miyota 821A movement was chosen due to its unidirectional winding system – necessary for the easy and high-speed rotation of the winding rotor, a key element in the design. MAD1.

The case and time display construction is particularly innovative with the movement wrapped upside down, allowing the watchmaker to place a specially developed three-blade, titanium and tungsten rotor on the watch’s dial – a typical feature. Pictures of some MB&F watches. The rotating hours and minutes are placed on visible aluminum pillars on the watch case, another nod to the much-loved side displays commonly found on many MB&F Movements.

MB&F’s compact and highly skilled team of engineers and watchmakers creates around 400 watches each year. While the MAD1 wasn’t as complex as what they usually make, they still needed to modify the base movement, install the hour and minute posts, oversize the rotor, wrap the watch, and perform final testing. Assembling hundreds or thousands of MAD1 watches is unthinkable, even dangerous to the brand’s core business. After much internal debate, the company decided to respond to the growing demand for the MAD1 watch but will do so step by step in the fairest way possible.

MAD1 Red: the first version accessible to the public
MAD1 Red was released to the public in March 2022, featuring a vibrant cherry red design. It also has its own unique features, including a thinner bezel and a more traditional round winding crown, instead of the key-like crown on the previous version. After further analysis of the actual costs involved in the development, production and maintenance of MADEditions, the price has been adjusted to CHF 2,900 + taxes (about USD 3,100).

The team has produced the first batch of 1,500 MAD1 Red. To keep things as fair as possible, those who had previously taken the trouble to email the brand, clearly expressing their interest in purchasing a possible future release, were given priority. For the rest, a lottery has been opened on the brand’s e-store, where interested people can register for a free raffle ticket to win the right to buy one of the remaining pieces.

The MB&F team hopes that the raffle will attract a few thousand fans… After thoroughly cleaning the list, to filter out many entries and register the bot, there were 19,000! The lucky winners were chosen at random through a draw – under the supervision of a bailiff – and MAD1 Red executions were carried out between March and December 2022.

The MAD1 Red won the Challenge Award at the famous GPHG/Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève , awarded the best watch of the year with a value of CHF 3,500.

Realizing the gap between supply and demand, MB&F decided to produce a second batch of MAD1 Red, which was again made available through a lottery in February 2023. This time, the lottery attracted more than 22,000 fans – and lucky winners won the 1,500 available pieces.

MAD1 Green: latest execution
Following the original MAD1 Blue and MAD1 Red, MAD1 Green joins MADEditions’ colorful series in September 2023. With this new choice of vibrant mint green, fans and collectors have yet to If you own your own MAD1, you’ll have another chance – with a little luck – of being chosen and joining those wearing the blue and red model.
The new batch of 1,500 pieces in green will be available through the usual MADEditions lottery system, where watch lovers can apply for a ticket on the MADGallery e-store. The lottery will be open for registration from September 12, for two weeks, and after filtering and cleaning the list, tickets will be drawn (as always, supervised by the bailiff) to those Lucky wins are chosen randomly. Results will be announced in early October and deliveries are expected from October 2023 to April 2024.

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