Normally, many unique Ferrari models are often designed for private collections, rarely seen in public. Instead, these cars will likely be kept for many years in private collections. However, the owner of this Ferrari SP48 Unica wanted to share this car’s story with the wider world.

“I don’t want the SP48 Unica to become a car that people don’t see,” said the anonymous owner. I want to share my passion for the brand. Maybe this will inspire a child, or a millionaire.”

The unique hood of the SP48 Unica is cleverly designed to flow down and blend into the engine cover, eliminating the rear glass cover. The car that the owner wants everyone to see is based on the mid-mounted V8 supercar model F8 Tributo. The mysterious owner shared: “I want a mid-engine car. This car will be used for track driving as I typically attend about 100 track events per year. When the project started, the 488 model was still the version being sold. However, after just two weeks from the first meeting, the F8 Tributo model appeared.”

This owner is a Ferrari customer who has also owned more than 60 Ferraris and knows very well about the Ferraris produced in the past two decades, especially the mid-engined cars since their generation. 360. Therefore, right at the first meeting, the car owner was able to talk to some competent people about these cars to express his wishes about his car model.

After the first meeting, the design team revealed a series of sketches, labeled “A” to “K”, with the client sitting down with Ferrari design chief Flavio Manzoni to view the project. . It wasn’t until he achieved the “H” design that he saw the model he was looking for. From that point on, the process was one of growth and evolution towards the ultimate goal, much of which was done during the Covid pandemic, with the brand having to gather individual feedback through iPad.

“The process is very similar to production cars,” Lemercier explains. The idea generation process begins with a 2D drawing. The design team worked on images from the brief, and then translated them into 3D. Next, the brand created a full-sized physical model, painted and intricately detailed. This is a reference model, rather a tool to shape the car model during the design process.”

This process provides the entire experience of building a real production vehicle that customers will love. “This is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life,” he said. I feel so lucky to be able to do that.”

This car is truly special because Ferrari’s staff has applied their experience and efforts over the past four years. The car’s owner specifically requested that the SP48 Unica be put on display so that the entire Ferrari workforce could see this masterpiece in action.

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