Supercar company Koenigsegg has quietly developed a brand new variant of the Jesko line and only revealed it to the public after handing over the first one to its owner.

Esser Automotive, a super luxury car dealer in Europe and the owner of one of three Koenigsegg cars with bare carbon fiber bodies in the world, has introduced a new super product called Koenigsegg Jesko Plus. What is worth noting is that during the past time, the Swedish supercar company has never revealed any information related to this new variant of the Jesko line. Fans and car connoisseurs did not know until Jesko Plus was launched on November 13, which was also the time the car was handed over to customers.

Since announcing the all-new Jesko hypercar line in March 2019, Koenigsegg has only introduced two more variants with major updates, notably the Jesko Attack (adding a large wing to optimize downforce) and Jesko Absolut (more advanced high-speed version). This Koenigsegg Jesko Plus variant is superior to both Attack and Absolut in many ways.

First, the car’s exterior, in addition to the large wing that helps increase flexibility like the Jesko Attack, also has the “Plus” logo. Next, the pre-equipped Environmental Power Upgrade package allows Koenigsegg Jesko Plus to operate on E85 biofuel right from the start, without needing additional installation work like the other versions.

The last and most important innovation is the engine’s increased parameters, so that the Jesko line can finally match the Bugatti Chiron in terms of power. The 5.0L twin-turbo V8 engine running on E85 gasoline is capable of producing up to 1,578 horsepower. Previous Jesko cars, using engines and fuel, usually only achieved a maximum of 1,280 horsepower.

The Light Speed Transmission gearbox – a unique component in the world of hypercars – transmits all the engine energy generated to the rear axle. As the name suggests, this 9-speed dual-clutch transmission allows the car to change gears at extremely fast speeds, almost the speed of light. Thanks to that, Jesko brings an extremely exciting sports driving experience and the ability to control engine revs most seamlessly and smoothly today.

The world’s first Koenigsegg Jesko Plus has a very prominent pearl green paint, contrasted by some pure carbon fiber surfaces and some included Crystal White panels. Carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber spoiler and model number 006 (the 6th Jesko car on the market out of a total of 125 cars expected to be produced) are some other special features on the outside of the car.

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