The Swedish brand specializing in producing Hypercar models, Koenigsegg, recently announced that it will expand its production facility in Angelholm. The Swedish car brand will expand a factory area with a space of 30,000 square meters to manufacture and assemble the Hypercar Gemera model as well as add other areas.

Connected to Koenigsegg’s existing office building, this new addition will be located within the grounds of Valhall Park. This is the old apron of Swedish jets. That’s why cars manufactured and assembled in this area will still be equipped with Koenigsegg’s signature Ghost logo as a tribute to the Air Force Ghost Squadron F10 of the National Air Force.

The factory’s design was inspired by the shingle layout of old factories in Sweden, allowing more daylight to enter the building from one side and the other side as well. Attach solar panels, thereby bringing about energy savings as well as being more environmentally friendly, minimizing harmful emissions emitted into the environment.

Inside, the new production facility will be open-plan and the building will also be designed to accommodate growth to accommodate production plans for the Hypercar Gemera model. The brand will also not use the entire 30,000 square meters to produce Gemera but will also be used to build other areas such as an ultra-modern customer waiting room. Here, buyers can personalize their car as well as “see” their car model when it leaves the factory. Furthermore, this waiting room area will also be where the Koenigsegg brand announces and introduces future products.

For those lucky guests who have the opportunity to visit Koenigsegg’s center, they can visit the Swedish car brand’s experience center. The 800 square meter experience facility will display cars from the past and up to current models of the Koenigsegg car brand. This lineup of cars will also be decorated according to each theme in the showroom space along with unique styles to learn about the history of the Swedish car brand.

Besides planning the factory interior, the brand will also decorate the exterior spaces with manicured green spaces for its employees to enjoy with dining areas. outdoors, chalets for outdoor meetings and, most interestingly, a test track dedicated to Koenigsegg cars. This racetrack will be designed with corners suitable for testing during vehicle development and testing before vehicle delivery.

At the same time, this racetrack is a suitable addition to the Swedish automaker’s internal design approach, allowing for more private spaces as well as accelerating the research and development process. mine. To meet the expanding production scale, Koenigsegg said it will have to expand its staff size. The Swedish car brand is expected to recruit about 100 additional engineers and 150 employees for production stages by the end of 2023. If the total departments are counted, the brand is expected to employ 800 people by the end of 2023. This is to be able to meet the set production targets as well as expand the factory scale.

“Looking back at where we started 27 years ago, it’s incredible to think about the journey we’ve been on over the years,” said brand founder Christian von Koenigsegg. Our expansion is a testament to our past and future success. With the expanded factory, we aim to deliver the most advanced technology and the highest performance, hand-crafted cars.”


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