In his Australian expedition, Parker and his team ventured into the unfamiliar territory of gold leaching using a vat leach method at the Honeypot gold claim. Up to this point, Parker remained skeptical and concerned about the actual efficiency of this method in gold extraction.

  • Parker and his team are at the honeypot claim in Australia, where they observe the vat leach process for gold extraction.
  • The vat leach process involves flushing cyanide out to dissolve fine gold in tailings, with the gold-rich liquid pumped into a drum containing carbon.
  • Fred, a team member, expresses concern about cyanide levels and takes extra precautions during the gold extraction process.
  • Parker is skeptical about the efficiency of vat leaching and expresses hesitance, especially considering the high cost of equipment.
  • Despite initial doubts, the team successfully extracts gold from the carbon, and Jake, the leaseholder, takes them to a workshop for further processing, resulting in a gold bar worth over $66,000. Parker remains intrigued but unsure about adopting such chemical-intensive processes in his own mining operations.

The leaching process posed unexpected challenges as cyanide had to be carefully removed to avoid risks. Despite Fred, a team member, taking extensive safety measures, Parker expressed doubt, especially considering the substantial investment in expensive equipment.

However, as the gold extraction process proved successful, they continued their journey to a processing facility to further refine the gold. The result was a gold bar valued at over $66,000, leaving Parker amazed at its effectiveness.


Despite the success in gold extraction, Parker maintains a critical and skeptical mindset toward the leaching method. He is not only concerned about the high costs but also about the environmental impact of the chemical elements involved in the extraction process. While he has gained valuable insights from this adventure, Parker remains unconvinced about fully integrating this method into his own gold mining operations.


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