In 2021, the supercar that is the inspiration of a generation – the Lamborghini Countach, turns 50. Over the past half century, this car model has not only been a source of inspiration for car enthusiasts around the world, but it has also laid the foundation for Lamborghini’s design DNA.

Legendary designer and design director of Carrozzeria, Mr. Marcello Gandini, is responsible for the exterior design of this special supercar. Along with that, Gandini also decided to use scissor doors instead of traditional horizontal opening doors and this set of doors later became a Lamborghini legend.

“There are artistic designs that last over time and the Countach’s design is one of them,” said Mitja Borkert, head of Lamborghini’s design department. “Its design is made up of perfect proportions, characterized by essential and pure lines of approach.” With these elements, those lines continue to be used by the company on later car models, including modern supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan, Urus or Sián.

Looking at the Countach’s lines such as the bonnet, rear engine cover as well as the low, angular passenger compartment, these are all designs that Lamborghini maintains on the brand’s successor models. It is impossible not to mention the windshield as well as the side windows. Up to this point, Lamborghini cars still used flat windshields, placed with a large angle to the rear (except for the Urus), strongly attached to the bonnet and front wheel arches, which the company used for the first time. on the Countach instead of the vertical and curved glass on the Miura.

“From a design perspective, it was the perfect inspiration because when everything else was changed, these lines still created a continuous connection between past and present,” Borkert said. know. “It is an image of the DNA on all Lamborghini products, the traditional design language from the beginning to this moment.”

Not only in terms of design, Lamborghini also introduced to the world the scissor-opening door structure for the first time on this car model, which has inspired many other car manufacturers and become a brand when people talk about Lamborghini. Longitudinale Posteriore, mid-mounted and longitudinally mounted V12 engine also replaces the horizontally oriented mid-mounted V12 on the previous Miura.

Fifty years ago, the Countach truly introduced the world to futuristic design, creating an era of design explosion in the car industry and one of its most important moments. of the design industry. It can be said that, Miura is the Lamborghini that created the super sports car segment, Countach is the first super sports car ahead of its time, it carries the inspiration and standards of high-performance super cars of half a century later.

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