Watches are accessories that help men become more noble and luxurious. Depending on each person, different watch models will be suitable. Let’s learn about How to choose a watch and the top 10 cheapest and most beautiful men’s watches on the market.

How to choose a watch for men
The prerequisite of a men’s watch product is the elegance and masculinity that the watch brings to each man, helping them assert their own personality and preferences.

Designers have in turn created many men’s watch models, from simple, sophisticated, stylish to rugged sports men’s watches, etc. This creates different designs for men. each product line.

Personal style
Each person has a different stylized direction, even the same person, but each situation and each time has a different stylized direction. Specifically:

You are a polite person, so a classic watch with numbers and 3 hands will be the optimal choice, very simple but still elegant and luxurious.
If you are a gentle and romantic type of man, look for watches with fancy designs to help add color to your life.
If you are a meticulous, perfectionist and polite person, classic, simple and elegant watches are the best choice for you.
If you like to explore and travel, choose a sporty watch with personality.
If you are classy and want to show it off, choose a watch from a big brand that is meticulously designed.

Size of glass and strap
Glass size

When you buy a watch, you should know your exact wrist size to choose a simpler and more appropriate watch glass size. Be sure to choose the men’s watch size as follows:

Regular size (Men’s Regular): available from 37mm to 39mm.
Sports size (Men’s Sport): from 40mm to 42mm.
Size large, very large (Men’s XL): from 45mm or more.

Strap size
Men’s watches usually have straps from 196 to 241mm long. In case the strap doesn’t fit, you will go to the store to cut the strap, so remember to keep the links in case the wrist size is adjusted or the strap breaks, you already have links ready to replace.

Band and glass material
Wire material
People with small bracelets and thin wrists should choose leather straps to create a more snug, snug impression.

As for people who are big, strong, and have strong personalities, they should choose metal straps to create a more masculine and healthy look.

Glass surface
Although there are 4 types of glass commonly used for wristwatches: Mica, Hardlex, Mineral Crystal and Sapphire, on the market today there are only 2 popular types of watch glass: Mineral Crystal and Mineral Crystal. Sapphire glass.

Because Mica glass is usually only used for children’s watches, while Hardlex glass is only used exclusively for Seiko watches.

Sapphire glass has almost absolute scratch resistance and hardness. The excellent clarity of sapphire glass can help you see the watch dial more clearly. This type of glass is suitable for people who often work outdoors, in contact with water or objects that easily cause collisions, scratches, etc.

While hard glass has better elasticity, it is easily scratched when impacted and rubbed with hard objects such as iron, steel, concrete, etc. Therefore, if you only access environments with little collision with objects, hard, then hard glass is a suitable choice.

The color of the watch is also a criterion you need to consider. Because the color of the watch will determine your aesthetic and fashion sense.

To choose the color of your watch, you need to know whether your wardrobe leans toward bright or neutral colors. Metal strap watches will match luxury outfits, while basic colored leather strap watches like black, white or brown will easily coordinate with many outfits in different styles.

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