Currently, many people are using genuine leather watch straps with high popularity, because they have a stylish and luxurious design. However, not everyone is able to distinguish between real and fake leather straps.

Advantages of using genuine leather watch straps
There are many benefits to using genuine leather watch straps:

Exquisite and aesthetic
Using genuine leather straps, such as cowhide or crocodile leather, ensures high quality and aesthetics. The surface of the wire is usually brown and has unique and delicate veins. When wearing a watch with a genuine leather strap, the user looks more luxurious, noble and elegant.

Durability of genuine leather watch straps
For genuine leather watch straps, its durability is guaranteed by complex processes and steps in the production process. With 100% genuine leather, this product is not only reliable but also highly durable. Thanks to good elasticity and toughness, genuine leather watch straps bring comfort and flexibility to the user. In particular, when you use this wire for a long time, it will become more and more shiny, creating a professional and luxurious look.

Does not cause skin irritation
A notable advantage of genuine leather watch straps is that they do not cause skin irritation. By using 100% animal leather, not using too many chemicals such as fake watch straps or metal straps, genuine leather watch straps ensure user safety. Besides, animal leather material is also highly breathable and very soft, providing comfort and does not cause stuffiness or skin irritation such as redness.

Genuine leather watch straps are an extremely gentle and comfortable choice compared to other types of metal or plastic straps. With light weight, you will feel comfortable and not uncomfortable when using.

Methods to verify the authenticity of leather watch straps
On the label of the watch, information about the leather material is often written as follows:

Real leather

Genuine leather

Top/Full grain leather

Leather of animal origin (Made with animal products)

In addition, there are some on-the-spot verification methods to check genuine leather watch straps as follows:

Check the skin surface
To check the properties of genuine leather watch straps, you can start by examining the leather surface. It is known that genuine leather is not perfect and often has small grains and pores if looked closely. Thanks to the specific properties of each type of animal leather, real leather will not fertilize.

Smell the leather strap
Smelling the smell of a watch strap is a way to identify whether the strap is genuine leather or not. Genuine leather watch straps often have a characteristic smell of leather, while fake watch straps often have the smell of plastic or synthetic chemicals. To ensure accuracy, if you are not sure, try smelling a piece of real leather to compare and notice the difference. As you know, real leather watch straps are made from animal skin so they have the smell of leather, while fake watch straps are made from plastic so they have a plastic smell.

Touch and feel
By touching and feeling, you can intelligently distinguish and identify real leather watch straps and fake leather watch straps. When you touch the fake leather watch strap, you will feel the smoothness, shine and coldness that does not guarantee quality. On the contrary, when you touch a genuine leather watch strap, you will feel the softness and warmth of the leather.

Check water permeability and temperature
To check the temperature and water resistance of the watch band, touch the watch band to identify it. Genuine leather watch straps will feel warmer than synthetic leather. To test for water absorption, drop a little water on the wire you want to test. If the strap is real, water will seep into the strap very quickly, while a fake watch strap will be waterproof.

Burn or heat over fire
One of the smartest ways to identify genuine leather watches is by burning or burning the product through fire. However, care must be taken to avoid damaging the product. When heating a genuine leather watch strap, it will shrink and return to its original shape after cooling, as well as having a burning smell similar to the smell of burning hair. On the contrary, when heating a fake leather watch strap, it will have a burning smell of plastic, and may even deform, clump or melt.

Scratch with fingernails
When using your fingernails to scratch a genuine leather watch strap, scratches will appear on the product. However, when scratching the fake watch strap, no marks appear. However, to ensure the aesthetics of your genuine leather watch strap, you should try scratching the back of the strap.

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How to distinguish diverse genuine leather watch straps on the market
Cow leather is becoming a popular choice for fashion products thanks to its flexibility, softness, high corrosion resistance and ease of processing.

Genuine leather watch straps are notable for the following characteristics:

Good elasticity: The flexibility of the genuine leather strap is tested by pressing your hand on it, and the leather will quickly return to its original state.

Characteristic leather smell: The natural smell of genuine leather will not disappear but will still exist gently on the watch strap.

Soft: Genuine leather watch straps are moisture-wicking, providing a soft and comfortable feeling when worn.

Unique grain patterns: Each genuine leather watch strap has a unique grain pattern, not following any rules. The surface of real leather will feel rough and rough to the touch, not as smooth as fake leather.

Crocodile skin
Crocodile leather watch straps represent sophistication and luxury. Unique and unique pattern on crocodile leather, the upper surface of crocodile leather is very hard while the lower surface still ensures softness for the user.

How to professionally identify genuine leather watch straps:

Genuine leather watch straps will absorb water when you put water on them, while fake leather watch straps will not absorb water.

Genuine leather watch straps are elastic, so even if you press hard with your fingernail, the surface of the strap will create a dent but very quickly returns to its original state.

Ostrich leather
High quality ostrich leather with natural oils not only helps prevent dryness and cracking but also gives a soft feeling to the skin. With its breathability, unique pattern and high durability, ostrich leather is the perfect choice for leather products. Notably, ostrich leg skin has a special scale structure with scales made of hard and shiny horns, arranged alternately and closely together to form a characteristic straight line. This is clearly different from other types of ostrich leather, with haphazardly arranged scales that are not as bright and hard as real leather. So, if you are looking for a quality, reliable and professional genuine leather watch strap, ostrich leather is the ideal choice for you.

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