Hennessey Special Vehicles recently launched the convertible version of the Venom F5 model. However, this Hypercar model actually has a higher price of about 900,000 USD and this model is sold for about 3 million USD per unit. Hennessey also said this car is expected to become the fastest convertible in the world.

The tuning company from Texas, USA said that this convertible Hypercar model is designed based on the specifications of the Coupe launched last year, including a 6.6-liter “Fury” twin-turbo V8 engine with the ability to capable of producing 1,817 horsepower, capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 483 km/h.

According to Hennessey, the convertible version weighs about 45 kg more than the sedan. The Coupe version is capable of accelerating to 400 km/h in 15.5 seconds and can reach speeds of over 500 km/h. At least until 2023, the brand will put the Venom F5 model to the test in speed tests and the brand is currently expecting this model to surpass its “elder” Venom GT Spyder with The record was achieved at 427.4 km/h at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California in 2016 to set a new speed record for open-top cars.

Like the Venom F5 Coupe, the Roadster is built with a bespoke carbon fiber chassis structure that Hennessey claims requires very little modification as the convertible version was part of the original design. The roof is crafted from carbon fiber and held in place by four quick-release latches and a pair of latches designed to withstand extreme speeds.

The hood is lined with Alcantara and weighs only 8 kg, so it can be easily removed and installed by just one person. However, there is currently no place in the car to store the roof because the other roof is bulky. Another feature exclusive to the Roadster is a tempered glass cover that replaces the engine cover on the Coupe, revealing the extremely attractive V8 engine block. Based on GM’s V8 engine line, the twin-turbo engine produces a whopping 1,617 Nm of torque, transmitted to the rear wheels via a seven-speed single-clutch automated manual transmission.

The car is equipped with uniquely designed wheels, measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear and made from forged aluminum, with a 14-spoke design, in which each pair of adjacent spokes resembles the letter “ H” for “Hennessey” and is finished with both the automaker’s name and the word “Roadster” stitched onto opposite sides of the outside of the rim. Customers can also choose the option of finely polished aluminum wheels, the brand also says it takes them weeks to complete the polishing of the wheels.

Regarding the interior, the car is equipped with carbon racing seats covered with leather foam pads and the car is equipped with a U-shaped steering wheel, the car also has a large rectangular digital instrument cluster. Hennessey says that Roadster buyers, like Coupe owners, can choose any interior and exterior color combination or choose to leave the F5’s carbon chassis and body panels exposed.
​Hennessey claims that all 24 Venom Coupes sold out shortly after its launch last year despite the car’s price tag of $2.1 million. So far, Hennessey has increased the price for the Roadster version up to $3 million and is expected to sell about 30 units to the market.
John Hennessey, founder of the company, said: “The Roadster Edition takes the speed, excitement and awe of the Coupe to the next level, truly bringing owners closer to the outstanding performance of the Coupe. Venom F5. Our 1,817 horsepower “Fury” engine sits behind an exposed cockpit, with an unobstructed roar in open space for a driving experience like never before.”

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