The title of this column makes it sound like I’m doing traditional spring cleaning, and in a sense, that’s true. However, I’m not wiping down cabinets and wiping down shelves, but rather going through my watch collection with a wide-tooth comb. The reason for this is that I have changed.

When I became interested in watches about 25 years ago, my excitement took me in many different directions. I’ve been around and can be as passionate about a new Seiko dive watch as I am about a vintage Omega Constellation. In some ways, that eclectic flavor has brought a lot to my life. It allowed me to grow into someone I could never have dreamed of at the time, and now I’m sitting behind my desk writing this for you. What it also gives me is a watch collection that represents that evolution.

Even though watches are beautiful things, I still enjoy wearing them, and that’s something I do less and less with quite a few of them. Because these watches represent my journey, I continue to wear them for sentimental reasons, even though some of them don’t even spend a year or a day on my wrist. We all know the famous saying, “you never really owned a Patek Philippe. You are merely taking care of it for the next generation.” There is much truth in this, not just with Patek Philippe. Most of my watches will easily outlive me, so even chasing after them now feels silly. It’s been a process, but I’m saying goodbye to some good old friends. They have served me well and are still beautiful and impressive watches, but they deserve a better home.

Interestingly, this also has the opposite effect. Letting go also means I open up room in my watch case and purse to hunt for the watches that will become part of my journey. They are watches that I admire but can never find or afford. So the journey continues.

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