Monterey Car Week is known as the “meeting place” for thousands of car models from luxury cars to supercars. This annual event is chosen by many car brands as the place to launch their car models. As a young brand, Gordon Murray Automotive chose this place as the “launching pad” for its two models T.33 and T.50 when these two models were first launched in the US. Gordon Murray Automotive will mark its US debut at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering held during Monterey Car Week in California.

These models will begin to be launched and displayed at the event on August 19. Gordon Murray himself and Gordon Murray Group CEO Philip Lee will also hold a press conference. Although the automaker has not revealed how many T.50 and T.33 cars customers ordered will be delivered to the United States, it can be certain that the number of cars delivered will not be small because This is a really potential market. At the same time, the brand also announced that it will open a Gordon Murray Auto Center in Florida earlier this week.

Philip Lee said in a statement: “As a Group, we are delighted to officially launch Gordon Murray Automotive in the US and announce the Gordon Murray Automotive Center to the North American market. Monterey Car Week is the final event to announce such an important milestone for our company.”

According to Gordon Murray Automotive, the Gordon Murray T.33 is described as “the best GT supercar in the world”. This is a car with a two-seat configuration with a mid-mounted engine block and is designed more for street operations than the T.50. This car brand plans to produce a limited production of 100 cars and will deliver the first car in 2024 and people will have to pay a price of about 1.85 million USD excluding additional fees.

The T.33 shares its platform with the T.50 and both cars use a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine developed by Cosworth. However, the T.33 is equipped with a new camshaft and a new intake and exhaust system to suit the segment the model is targeting. Gordon Murray T.33 is capable of producing 606 horsepower and 451 Nm of torque but the engine rpm limit is still achieved at an impressive level of up to 11,100 rpm. These parameters are not much different from the T.50 with a capacity of 654 horsepower, torque of 467 Nm and engine rpm of 11,500 rpm.

Gordon Murray T.50 is equipped with a V12 engine, 3.9 liter capacity, producing 654 horsepower and 467 Nm of torque. This engine is built by the Cosworth brand. This engine is designed to be one of the highest-revving engines in the world, with the fastest response and most power on the street. The rpm of this engine can be up to 12,100 rpm. The car is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. Like everything else on the T.50, the gearbox has been designed to be extremely light. The aluminum housing of the gearbox is only 2.4 mm thick with a total weight of 80.5 kg.

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