In the heart of the Yukon, amidst the rugged landscapes and relentless pursuit of gold, 27-year-old Parker Schnabel embarks on a season of unprecedented challenges. Determined to mine more ground than ever before, he sets his sights on a new claim in Alaska that holds the key to his mining future. However, faced with the daunting task of surviving his toughest season, Parker calls upon an old friend for assistance, setting the stage for a unique collaboration that transcends international borders.

Parker Schnabel’s Gold Mining Challenge:

Parker Schnabel, a 27-year-old gold miner, is facing a tough season in the Yukon as he attempts to mine more ground than ever before. He plans to open a new claim in Alaska, a key move for his mining future.

International Help Arrives:

To tackle the challenges, Parker calls in Tyler Armani, a friend who flies from Australia to help with mining operations on the Indian River in the Yukon. Tyler faces a steep learning curve in adapting to the mining style and gold extraction methods.

Training and Challenges: 

Tyler undergoes a crash course in rock truck operating, and despite initial doubts, she gains confidence. The crew, stretched thin, needs recruits who can multitask as they aim to mine out 90 acres before the water license expires.

Tyler Takes on Loader Operation:

Tyler progresses to operating a loader, receiving guidance from veteran Gold Room expert Chris Dumit. Despite nerves, Tyler successfully operates the loader and contributes to the mining efforts.

Successful Gold Haul:

The team’s efforts result in a significant gold haul, with a season’s best of over eight hundred thousand dollars. Parker expresses optimism about the potential of hitting a hot spot in the Indian River, and the addition of Tyler to the crew is seen as a valuable asset.


As the mining season unfolds, the entry of Tyler Armani, a skilled operator from Australia, proves to be a game-changer. Overcoming a steep learning curve and adapting to unfamiliar mining techniques, Tyler not only rises to the occasion but also takes on crucial responsibilities in the gold extraction process. The culmination of their efforts results in a remarkable gold haul, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the Schnabel crew. With eyes set on the future, Parker Schnabel expresses optimism about the potential of the Indian River claim, while the camaraderie and dedication of the team, epitomized by Tyler’s contribution, underscore the spirit that fuels their pursuit of gold in the unforgiving terrains of the Yukon. NEXT

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