On the grounds of the Honey Hole Lease, the Australian gold mining team is facing the harsh conditions of weather and terrain. To escape the intense midday sun, Bridgette and her teammates decide to work during the cooler nighttime temperatures. In their quest for treasure, they not only confront the difficulties of finding gold but also overcome unexpected challenges. Still mining Kim’s lease, The Ferals hope to prove themselves and get a big find this week to make up for the disappointment that was last week. Will they achieve the expected goal? Follow the entire story in the full video below.

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  1. Bridgette, Ryan, and the team are working on the Honey Hole lease in challenging conditions, aiming to avoid midday heat by working during cooler nighttime temperatures.

  2. Ryan is using a metal detector to find gold, and Bridgette is assisting by pushing dirt and ensuring thorough coverage.

  3. The team discovers a significant gold nugget, approximately seven grams, marking one of their biggest finds. The excitement motivates them for the day’s work.

  4. They face difficulties when Bridgette detects a deep target, requiring Levi’s assistance to dig it out. Eventually, they uncover a 1.5-ounce nugget, a substantial boost to their earnings.

  5. Despite the challenging conditions and Bridgette experiencing nausea, the team perseveres, and by the end of the week, they exceed their target, making a total of 6.55 ounces and earning 11.5 thousand dollars.

Despite unexpected difficulties and Bridgette’s fatigue, the team persists tirelessly. Ultimately, after a week filled with formidable challenges, they surpass their set target, achieving a total of 6.55 ounces and earning a substantial amount. The exhilarating moments and promising discoveries at the Honey Hole Lease demonstrate that in the world of gold mining, true happiness indeed “comes from passion and dedication. NEXT

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