In the latest thrilling episode of the hit TV series “Gold Rush,” the young and ambitious miner, Parker Schnabel, stuns viewers as he partners with his right-hand man, Mitch Blashki, to unveil an exciting twist in his Alaskan gold mining venture. Their journey leads them to a historic mining ground, 20 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska, where they stumble upon a treasure trove of old tailings left behind by the pioneers of yesteryears. This unexpected discovery injects new hope and excitement into the crew for the upcoming mining season.


Parker Schnabel, known for his determination and strategic thinking, decided to bring in Mitch Blashki to help him reevaluate his mining plan in Alaska. The pair ventured to this remote mining site, once worked by gold-hungry miners who had to excavate shafts through concrete-like permafrost to access their precious bounty, which lay hidden up to 100 feet beneath the unforgiving Alaskan terrain.

Last year, Parker Schnabel conducted extensive drilling and testing in this challenging clay-packed ground. To everyone’s amazement, he uncovered a pay streak that was a remarkable four times richer than his renowned Yukon claims. However, the delay in receiving the wash plant designed for this specific ground put a significant wrench in their plans, making deep excavation an unfeasible option.

Fortunately, salvation came in the form of John Reeves’ daughter, Aora, and her husband, Drew, who believed in the potential of this historic ground. With their support, Parker and Mitch were determined to make the most of the situation and set their sights on the old tailings left behind by the pioneers.

Their gamble paid off as Mitch Blashki made a remarkable discovery within those forgotten tailings – gold! This exciting find rekindled their confidence in the success of mining in this area. With the arrival of their wash plant still several months away, Parker Schnabel and his team are now eager to mine the riches hidden in those old tailings, aiming for a profitable season that could potentially yield over $400,000 in gold.

As viewers eagerly anticipate the next episode of “Gold Rush,” it’s clear that Parker Schnabel’s decision to rethink his mining plan with the help of Mitch Blashki has led to an unexpected and exciting turn of events. The historic mining ground, once thought to be a challenge, has now become the beacon of hope for a prosperous season, promising both drama and golden rewards for the crew. Stay tuned to see if Parker and his team can turn their newfound treasure into a fortune!

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