Venturing into the icy waters of the Bering Sea, gold miners face not only the harsh conditions of their environment but also the unpredictable nature of the ocean floor. In this blog post, we delve into a recent episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” where the crew aboard the Myrtle Irene, led by Captain Emily Riedel, takes on the uncharted challenges of gold mining with a fresh recruit, Bo.

Discovering Unexplored Territory:

As the crew sets sail for their gold mining expedition, they encounter new patterns on the ocean floor, resembling cracks with potential gold deposits. The excitement builds as they explore these uncharted territories, unsure if these areas have been recently exposed by shifting sea ice or if they hold hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Darryl’s Revelation and Emily’s Ambitions:

The seasoned veteran, Darryl Gallipo, kickstarts the season by uncovering a hot spot on claim 14, previously inaccessible. The ocean’s changing bottom, with sandbars shifting beneath the surface due to early melting, presents both opportunities and challenges. Now, Captain Emily Riedel is relying on Bo, a relatively inexperienced crew member, to continue reaping the rewards of Darryl’s discovery.

Taking a Gamble with Bo:

Emily takes a calculated gamble by bringing Bo on board, emphasizing the need for a second dredge to meet their ambitious goal of 300 ounces of gold. The decision is not without risks, as the crew must invest time and effort into training Bo, hoping that the newcomer can contribute to the boat’s productivity.

Challenges Beneath the Surface:

As Bo dives into the depths, the crew encounters unexpected challenges. The shifting patterns on the seafloor not only reveal new potential gold-rich areas but also create high levels of sediment, impacting visibility and productivity. Emily faces the dilemma of whether to continue working in less productive conditions or to reassess their strategy.

Encouraging Bo to Navigate the Depths:

As the crew navigates through the shifting sands and unexplored territories, challenges arise with Bo’s navigation skills. Emily encourages Bo to take his time, recognizing the difficulties he faces in a new diving environment. Captain Emily Riedel takes a huge gamble by hiring a greenhorn diver so she can spend more hours mining. But when he starts deviating from where the gold is, the captain wonders if she made the right choice?  The next developments, I invite you to watch the video to fully understand Emily’s entire journey!  

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