In an exciting journey of exploration and gold mining, Dave Turin has showcased his skills by discovering a gold reserve worth over $85,000 in just four days. With the assistance of a modern wash plant named “Eagle,” Dave not only revitalized traditional techniques but also achieved remarkable success. Follow Dave Turin’s adventure in Alaska through the video below:

Discovery of Gold: Dave Turin discovers over $85,000 worth of gold in just four days using a modern wash plant weighing over 34 tons.

Gold Extraction Techniques: The wash plant employs techniques developed over thousands of years, including the use of water, gravity, and vibrations to separate worthless rocks from gold.

Wash Plant Details: The wash plant, named the Eagle, is twice the size and power of the previous one, capable of running over 200 yards per hour and processing over 3,000 tons of material in a day.

Challenges Faced: The Eagle faces an early issue when large flat rocks jam the main conveyor, but the team resolves it by widening the gap in the pre-wash to allow safe passage for rogue rocks.

Gold Output and Season Target: Despite missing a team member, the first run of the Eagle yields a significant amount of gold, totaling 48.5 ounces, contributing to Dave Turin’s goal of reaching 600 ounces for the season.

Dave Turin’s adventure is not just about finding gold; it’s also about overcoming challenges and technical issues. Despite facing unforeseen circumstances, his team quickly found solutions, turning their new wash plant, the “Eagle,” into a powerful gold production machine. With a goal of 600 ounces of gold for the season, Dave Turin and his team have proven that determination and ingenuity can transform every challenge into an opportunity, opening a new chapter in their journey. Join us as we explore the next phase together CONTINUE READING

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