In its four decades of existence, G-Shock has become one of the most recognizable products in the watch industry, and for a long time why. With rugged DNA backed by a strong and versatile design, Casio’s G-Shock delivers reliable timekeeping, while experimenting with changing aesthetic trends and maintaining its price point. accessible. Now, as G-Shock celebrates its 40th birthday, the brand is releasing a trio of models that pay homage to the original design to kick off the festivities. ref. DW5040PG-1, ref. GMWB5000PS-1 and ref. The GMWB5000PG-9 represents G-Shock’s durability and brings a modern twist to a classic design.

The first model in the trio is the ref. The DW5040PG-1 is nicknamed the Project Group model by the brand as “Tough”. It is a direct reference to the original G-Shock demo. The DW5000C, shares the brand’s signature case design with its rectangular faux bezel and integrated strap. In terms of materials, the brand uses recrystallized stainless steel for the back case, a black IP and recrystallized stainless steel buckle, and a strap ring with a yellow IP. The black bezel is made from bio-based plastic and all materials seem to reflect the contemporary importance of reducing the brand’s environmental impact. The return of ref. The DW5040PG-1 is engraved with the 40th anniversary logo while the four stars on the band ring commemorate four decades of G-Shock.

Referee. The DW5040PG-1 is shockproof and waterproof to 200 meters in true G-Shock style. Its features include daily alarm, 1/100 stopwatch (24 hours), countdown timer (24 hours), multi-function alarm, EL backlight and flash alert.

Retail price for G-Shock ref. The DW5040PG-1 “Tough” project group is marked at $300.

Completing the trio are two steel-clad GMWB5000 models that bring deep layer hardening and recrystallization technology to the G-Shock line for the first time. This process is created by infusing carbon into the steel surface, ultimately making it stronger and more resistant to wear. Not only does it enhance the surface durability of each watch, but it also provides unique visual distinction in the crystal grain of the material. Each model features a screw-lock back, is DLC-coated and engraved with the 40th anniversary logo. Referee. The GMWB5000PS-1 has a bright silver-tone exterior while the ref. GMWB5000PG-9 has a warm golden bronze packaging.

Complying with G-Shock standards, the GMWB5000 model is shockproof and waterproof to a depth of 200 meters. Full list of features includes world time function (38 time zones), 1/100 stopwatch (24 hours), countdown timer (24 hours), multi-function alarm, switching display Switch between day and month and multi-language day of the week display.

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