Fred Lewis’ relentless gold mining journey continues to unfold dramatic twists and turns at every corner. Enduring a challenging stretch in Alaska, plagued by technical hiccups and the need for system repairs, the gold mining team faced formidable obstacles. However, amid concerns and disappointments, Fred Lewis and his comrades persevered, eagerly awaiting the culmination of the workweek to see if they could overcome the hurdles and secure a substantial yield.

  • Fred Lewis expresses excitement about a successful weekend in gold mining.
  • The team faced challenges in Alaska, including equipment issues and plant repairs, affecting their productivity for two days.
  • Despite setbacks, Fred believes the wash plant is now ready, and they aim to keep the yardage going for a successful season.
  • The team needs to mine 11 ounces of gold to cover expenses, but the recent weigh-in reveals an unexpected 21 ounces, valued over $35,000, marking their best cleanup ever.
  • Fred sees this success as proof that their hard work and dedication are paying off, expressing confidence in reaching their goal of 500 ounces for the season.


With 21 ounces of gold, valued at over $35,000 in a single weigh-in, Fred Lewis and his team not only triumphed over adversity but also demonstrated that commitment and hard work ultimately pay off. This success is not just a significant turning point in this gold mining season but serves as a powerful motivator for them to continue their efforts, with the ambitious goal of reaching 500 ounces of gold this season. With unwavering belief and determination, Fred and his team pledge to continue working wholeheartedly, relentlessly digging deeper to unearth the most significant moments in their gold mining adventure.


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