Explore the thrilling moments and hidden treasures deep within the heart of Alaska alongside Parker Schnabel on his extraordinary journey—a journey that promises to yield remarkable financial returns. In the past week alone, Parker has achieved a staggering feat, as his weekly gold haul has soared to an impressive $770,000. However, attaining this milestone required facing daunting challenges and making wise decisions to elevate his gold mine to new heights.


Follow me to explore Parker’s mining operation through the full video below:

  1. Parker’s weekly gold haul reaches an impressive $770,000, bringing his season total to 4,788 ounces.
  2. Parker’s mining crew is split into two teams, with one focused on high-grade pay deep underground, and the other searching for a quick score to finance the operation.
  3. The leased wash plant is being set up on the site, and a new foreman named Mark is overseeing the process.
  4. Despite initial issues with the wash plant setup, the team manages to overcome obstacles and get it operational.
  5. Parker expresses optimism about the newly established mining operation in Alaska, emphasizing the need to find more dirt to sustain their gold production.

With over 4,700 accumulated ounces of gold this mining season, Parker Schnabel never ceases to search for new territories, areas he hopes will yield endless profits. This quest has tested him and his team, from exploring high-grade metal-rich mines to establishing and operating high-performance gold production facilities. Nevertheless, with unwavering determination and an unyielding spirit of adventure, Parker has proven that in this rugged world of gold mining, only those persistent and courageous enough can dive into the mystical gold sea of Alaska and emerge with record-breaking profits.

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