If you are a fan of dangerous racing tracks or a fan of car racing tournaments, you definitely cannot miss the blockbuster Ford v Ferrari (Historic Race).

Ford v Ferrari is an American action sports film released in 2019. The film recreates the true events of the 24-hour Le Mans race twenty-three years ago.

Le Mans 24h and the most famous car race in the world
The Le Mans 24h race is the oldest and toughest sports car race in the world, held every year since 1923 near the French town of Le Mans.

It is considered one of the most prestigious races and is known as the “Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency”. The car that travels the farthest in twenty-four hours will become the champion.

Le Mans 24h is considered the most famous race in the world

Therefore, racing teams are forced to balance the need for speed with the car’s ability to run for twenty-four hours without engine failure.

Le Mans 24h is an extremely tough race and requires the endurance of both the car and the driver. Whether it’s day or night, rain or shine, racers must still be steadfast and alert to conquer this fierce racetrack.

The story of two tycoons in Ford v Ferrari
Ford v Ferrari took us back to the 60s when Ford built a car empire in the US and became a giant of this industry. Yet on the overnight racetrack of Le Mans, the dominance belongs to Ferrari, another powerful brand from Italy.

Ferrari at that time was owned by “The Godfather of Racing” Enzo Ferrari (played by Remo Girone) and had won many consecutive years at Le Mans.

Poster of Ford v Ferrari

At that time, giant Ford was having difficulty growing its business and Henry Ford II (played by Tracy Lett) decided to invest in racing to both attract young customers and restore his reputation. reputation for the company.

He plans to buy back Ferrari because he knows that this Italian brand is also financially exhausted and on the verge of bankruptcy. Yet the pride of “Godfather” Enzo Ferrari caused Henry Ford II’s plan to fail.

His ambition failed, Henry Ford II still harbored the idea of defeating Ferrari at the Le Mans race. Therefore, Ford and vice president Lee Iacocca (played by Jon Bernthal) decided to go to Carroll Shelby (played by Matt Damon).

Carroll Shelby is a legendary racer and won the 24h Le Mans championship in 1959. His career was in its heyday when he was forced to give up due to heart disease and became the owner of a car workshop and a racing driver. Independent racing.

Tycoon Henry Ford II of the Ford car company

Ford came to Shelby to increase sales and maintain its reputation, on the contrary, what Shelby cared about was winning this notorious and fierce race.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he accepted Ford’s offer with one condition that he would be able to choose the main driver for his racing team.

Carroll Shelby decided to assign this responsibility to Ken Miles (played by Christian Bale), a professional and somewhat eccentric racer. He participated in World War II and then returned to the US to work as an auto mechanic.

To make Ken Miles the main driver for this race, Carroll Shelby spent a lot of effort because Ford vice president Lee Iacocca insisted that Ken Miles’s strange appearance could not be the representative image for the race. Ford.

Portrait of “The Godfather of Racing” Enzo Ferrari


With perseverance and constant struggle, Shelby successfully convinced tycoon Henry Ford II and was able to freely choose his main driver.

For someone with little interest and understanding of fast cars like Henry Ford II, the question of how to build a racing car became a big problem.

To be able to win Le Mans, cars must be built, meticulously researched and taken care of every detail of the engine such as brakes, tires, and consumable materials management. Facing a veteran name like Ferrari, the pressure on Ford is greater than ever.

Veteran racing driver Carroll Shelby won the 1959 Le Mans championship


Finally, with the talented help of Carroll Shelby and racing driver Ken Miles, Ford successfully created a new model.

“We’re lighter, we are faster, and if that doesn’t work, we are nastier” – Carroll Shelby.

The Ford GT40 equipped with a V8 engine with a capacity of 485 horsepower has been recorded in the history books of racing as one of the most impressive cars, considered the quintessence of American cars.

In the summer of 1966, in the hot and fiery heat of Northern France, the world witnessed a fiery clash between the two car tycoons Ford and Ferrari, a unique race in history. history.

The legendary GT40 chariot brought Ford to victory

Can Ford turn the game around or will Ferrari continue to dominate the 24-hour Le Mans race?

“We’re going to make history” – Carroll Shelby.

Ford v Ferrari seems to have faithfully recreated the events that took place in 1966; the fierceness, fierceness, and suspense were portrayed throughout the film. Just through the small screen, viewers can feel the harshness of the Le Mans racetrack as well as the tense atmosphere of this historic meeting.

The giant Ford with the great racer Ken Miles, an expert engineer Carroll Shelby along with the exquisitely crafted GT40 machine, these things make us full of hope for Ford’s victory.

But the obsession with vanity along with the ambition for glory and brand image prevented Ken Miles from winning when Ford’s bosses forced him to wait for his two teammates so they could all reach the finish line. .

Ken Miles was forced to give up his unique victory to wait for his teammates


In the end, Ken Miles agreed to give up his unique victory and share it with his teammates. But ironically, it was the car that won the championship

McLaren for having traveled the longest distance and the GT40 had to sadly return to second place.

Ken Miles missed his unique achievement of winning all three major races in the same year: Sebring, Daytona and Le Mans 24h.

Ford v Ferrari ended with Ken Miles sitting in the GT40 for testing on the scorching desert floor of Southern California when suddenly, the car suddenly overturned and burned. The glorious life of a legendary racer ended like that.

The exciting atmosphere of the 1966 Le Mans race

The Ford GT40 not only defeated Ferrari in 1966 but also won consecutive victories in 1967, 1968 and 1969.

To be continued

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